From Our Ops Team to Yours: Routing Recipes You Don’t Want to Miss

Madison Perry

Routing does more than just improve speed to lead. It can be a competitive advantage when it comes to customer experience and sales efficiency.

Tune into our in-house RevOps and Marketing Ops experts, Scott Haney and Gaines Murfee, as we cook up different ways you can use routing to scale your GTM motion and generate ROI.

We'll walk you through how Chili Piper uses lead routing to:

  • Boost lead-to-opportunity conversion rates by matching prospects to the right rep
  • Automate CSM and AM assignment when onboarding new customers

Don't miss this first-of-a-kind, interactive workshop on 5/18 from 2-3 PM ET! Warning: attendees are subject to getting promoted, having snacks shipped to their door, and being smarter about routing.


About the author
Madison Perry

Demand Gen & Partner Marketing @ Chili Piper 🌶

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