Sales Automation Software – The Missing Link to Boosting Revenue

Daniel Threlfall

Sales automation software is the antidote to many inefficiencies in the sales process.

And considering the average rep spends nearly 65% of their time on non revenue-generating activities, it’s super important!

Here’s an overview of what sales automation software is, why it’s amazing, and most importantly, some specific platforms that can help you boost revenue. 

What Exactly Does Sales Automation Software Do?

First, let me provide you with a quick definition of what sales automation is.

It’s “the mechanization of manual, time-consuming sales tasks using software, artificial intelligence (AI), and other digital tools,” explains Aja Frost of HubSpot. “It aims to manage or own responsibilities that sales reps and managers do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.”

Sales automation software is the actual platform you use to streamline time-consuming tasks and plow through them like a boss.  

This software provides reps with additional firepower so they’re not stuck having to do tedious, redundant tasks manually.

Instead, they can focus on what’s most important — selling and nurturing customer relationships. 

And that’s huge given only 35% of an average rep’s day is currently related to selling. 

Not to mention, it can spare them a ton of frustration when they don’t have to continually perform mind numbing tasks, like onerous activity logging and data entry. 

Our Favorite Sales Automation Software Platforms

With no further ado, here are the top tools that we’re drooling over and that are like rocket fuel for boosting your revenue. 


This is a sales CRM and pipeline management software that offers some robust automation features.

One of Pipeline’s major selling points is that it uses AI to automate repetitive tasks, along with performance tips that show reps how to get more done in less time. 

There’s also report graphs, which illustrate performance trends — both good and bad — so you’ll know what changes to make moving forward. 

HubSpot Sales

This company needs no introduction.

It’s one of the most popular software automation software products on the market and has several noteworthy features, including:

  • Email notification whenever a lead opens an email to ensure quick follow up
  • Personalized follow up emails that are sent automatically at the perfect time
  • Automated data entry for lead contact info
  • Seamless meeting set up to prevent unnecessary back-and-forthing

Besides that, HubSpot gives you insights on who’s interested in your products by letting you know when prospects are visiting your site in real-time and the products they’re interested in. 

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is one of the premier inbound lead conversion and scheduling apps and will most certainly light a fire under your SaaS.

It offers several features, but automated scheduling is what you’ll likely be the most interested in. 

With Chili Piper, leads can quickly and painlessly schedule a meeting at a time that’s convenient for them.

Then, leads are routed to the appropriate rep, which can be done by specifying criteria…

…or through round robin routing

This means no more lead chasing, and your sales team doesn’t have to waste their time manually following up and scheduling meetings.

It also means you can dramatically increase your speed to lead time, which is huge considering 78% of customers choose the vendor who responds first. 

Check out this video to learn how Chili Piper can double your inbound conversions through automated scheduling.

This is one of the top platforms for managing a remote team and is jam-packed with a ton of killer features. allows your sales team to automate mundane, manual tasks like changing customer status and sending notifications without having to lift a finger.

And this can be incredibly empowering for reps, allowing them to focus more on important work that fully utilizes their talent. 

It also greatly reduces the potential for human error, which is another huge plus of sales automation software


Here’s a platform that allows you to prospect, schedule meetings, and follow up through email with ease

“Yesware’s Campaigns lets you stay on task and maximize your outreach through multi-touch campaigns that you can manage right from your inbox.”

Online printing and content distribution company Mimeo is actually able to save 4,200 hours each month by using Yesware. 

Not only does it stop your reps from having to constantly switch between apps, it can help them build stronger relationships with leads. 

So, if email is your bread and butter, this is definitely a sales automation software to check out.

I love the simplicity and straightforwardness of this brand’s tagline.

And if you have a KISS mindset where you want your team to be relieved of dull, drudgerous tasks, should certainly be on your radar.

Some of its key features include:

  • 2-way sync integrations with major platforms like Salesforce, Slack, and Zoho to kick manual data entry to the curb
  • Email automation 
  • Streamlined prospect list building that speeds up the process, while reducing your team’s workload is trusted by more than 1,300 companies all over the planet, including Zillow, Lyft, and Asana. 


If outbound sales are the backbone of your sales strategy, you’ll be interested in Growbots.

It allows you to automate outbound sales in just three easy steps.

With access to over 100 million prospects, Growbots keeps the outbound prospects coming and helps your reps get in touch with key decision makers.

It offers email personalization, automatic follow ups, automated responses, and more and seamlessly syncs with your data. 

On average, it saves companies four hours a day on prospect generation, which can have a massive impact over time. is a potent CRM that “stays out of your way” and does much of the heavy lifting for you. 

There are three main features you’ll be interested in.

First, it automatically logs and syncs information, giving each rep a snapshot of the full context to guide their interactions.

It even offers a visual timeline, so reps can see exactly what’s happened up until then. 

This drastically reduces burdensome note taking and frees up your team’s time to close more deals

Next, there’s email automation, where a rep can easily share a template with others and send email sequences, which keeps emails going in a logical order until a prospect replies. 

Third, there’s “Smart Views,” which automatically places priority leads in a “hot” list, so reps know who to contact and when. 


Groove is a sales engagement platform that works for both inbound and outbound leads. 

It’s designed to increase efficiency by moving prospects through the cycle more quickly and eliminating a lot of tedious tasks, such as having to manually input customer information and make updates. 

Some of the more notable features include:

  • Email sync, which “automatically logs inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce to ensure that account activity is always up-to-date”
  • Calendar sync, which inputs meeting information from a rep’s calendar into Salesforce
  • Automated flows to create personalized multi-step, multi-channel campaigns

In addition, Groove also offers account activity, where you can keep a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with account management, including when calls and emails were made. 

That way you’re always in the know without having to manually keep tabs on your team. 


At first glance, Piperliner may seem like just another CRM.

But when you look a little closer, you’ll see that it’s a really innovative sales automation software, primarily because of one feature — the “Automatizer,” which is a built-in automation engine.

Here’s how it works.

Create conditions and triggers, where you want data like a lead’s phone number, address, etc. to be input.

The Automatizer will automatically add this information to greatly increase efficiency and output. 

You can also use it to schedule tasks without eating up extra cognitive bandwidth and send automated emails at key points within the sales cycle.

This makes your reps’ lives a lot easier and significantly reduces the chance of human error. 


There are several great features on this CRM platform.

But the one I want to highlight is the email automation tool, which lets you create a customized email sequence.

Set up your campaign, create your list of targeted contacts, and use lead scoring to prioritize the hottest leads.

Then, Autoklose will send an automated sequence of emails using the templates that convert the best. 

You can include images, videos, URLs, and more and send emails at custom time intervals.

Autoklose points out that “emails are sent directly from your personal business email account and look 100% manually typed.”

However, your reps don’t have to go through this arduous process, which can easily shave hours off their week. 

If the bulk of your correspondence with leads is done through email, this is a sales automation software to seriously consider. 


LeadFuze had one main purpose for salespeople — helping them find hyper-targeted prospects without making them do the grunt work.

Reps can use a market-based search or account-based search to make contact with over 300 million people and 14 million companies from across the planet. 

In terms of automation, LeadFuze essentially allows you to put your list-building on autopilot.

Their AI assistant automatically adds news leads as they find them, verifies their email addresses in real-time, and includes an ignore list so your reps don’t have to do any scrubbing. 

In addition, contact information is automatically placed into your CRM, where you can set triggers to let reps know when it’s time for outreach. 

Put this altogether, and LeadFuze can save your team a ton of time and keep a steady stream of juicy leads coming your way. 


This sales automation software is similar to HubSpot Sales because it lets you keep tabs on which companies are visiting your site and the specific products they’re checking out. 

The main difference, however, is that Leadfeeder was designed solely for this purpose and is a bit more robust, whereas HubSpot Sales does a lot of other different things. 

So, if you’re looking for a crystal clear snapshot of who your visitors are to rev up your prospects list, this is a platform worth checking out. 

Here’s a quick overview of what you get with Leadfeeder. 

This is big because it does the heavy lifting for your reps so they don’t have to perform onerous manual research. 

Instead, they basically have ready-to-buy sales leads come to them, where they can work their magic to close more deals. 

Also, note that the leads list generated by Leadfeeder is automatically scrubbed, and unwanted companies are filtered to save even more time. 


Let me start off by saying this final sales automation software isn’t designed for “small fish,” run-of-the-mill leads.

It’s for account-based sales where you’ve got a potentially game changing customer on your hands. 

EverString is a B2B firmographic and technographic data and sales intelligence platform that provides your team with comprehensive, actionable information on prospects, so you can get a clear idea of their industry, needs, pain points, and more.

This is done by pulling data from “websites, job postings, news, funding, technology usage, and team profiles.”

In turn, your reps will know how to pull the right strings and deliver an epic, tailor made pitch to key decision makers. 

But with EverString, this doesn’t involve sinking hours and hours into manual research.

Sales Automation Software FAQs

What is sales automation software?

Any platform that mechanizes time-consuming, manual tasks in order to streamline the sales process.

What are some specific things sales automation software does?

  • Automates data entry
  • Logs activity
  • Streamlines communication with prospects through calls and email
  • Automates prospecting
  • Performs company research without having to do everything manually

What are the key benefits of sales automation software?

It can:

  • Save a massive amount of time
  • Help prioritize sales tasks
  • Provide reps with critical information to guide their interactions with leads
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase profitability
  • Provide data for sales forecasting

Empowering Your Reps (And Making Their Lives Way Easier)

At the end of the day, your sales reps are there to do one main thing — sell!

But with so many other tasks demanding their attention, most reps only end up spending just over a third of their day actually selling. 

Sales automation software alleviates much of this problem by doing the grunt work so reps can devote more of their time to interacting with leads and closing deals. 

Using platforms like the ones listed above has been proven to increase sales by 14.5%, which can dramatically boost long-term revenue. 

Looking for a sales automation software that can help double your inbound leads? Get a Chili Piper demo now.  

Get a demo now.

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