The Marketing Strategy Len Markidan Uses to Grow Podia 40-50% Each Month

Few marketers can say they’ve helped a company grow from $0 to $500K+ MRR.

Most startups don’t even make it that far, and the ones that do don’t usually have marketers that stick around to lead that growth from start to finish.

But Len Markidan has done just that.

And now Len is looking to replicate that magic with Podia, a platform for creators to sell online courses, membership sites and digital downloads.

He’s been rising to the challenge so far by helping them grow 40-50% every month.

On this episode of Demand Gen Chat, Len breaks down what they’re doing to unlock that kind of growth. Additional highlights from the episode:

  • How Len helped Groove stand out in the extremely crowded Helpdesk software space
  • When should you put more time in a channel vs when is it time to quit
  • The keys to finding and managing external marketing resources like freelancers and agencies

Give it a listen here:



How to connect with Len:

twitter: @LenMarkidanLen’s Inner Circle on Podia


Mentions from the episode:

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