The Secret to Hiring Talented Marketers and Going Viral on LinkedIn

Hiring talented marketers is one of the most important jobs of any marketing manager.

But, like any human interaction, hiring anyone, especially talented marketers, is tricky.

During your career (if you choose to manage people), you’ll hire people who work out and people who don’t.

You’ll coach people who keep growing and others who hit plateaus.

And over time, you’ll improve your ability to spot talent, even if someone is early in their career.

This is one of my favorite topics that Gaetano DiNardi and I dive into on this episode of Demand Gen Chat.

Gaetano is the Director of Demand Generation at Nextiva. He was previously VP of Marketing at Sales Hacker, where he lead the marketing team up to an acquisition.

In addition to hiring, here are some of the other things we chatted about:

  • How to come in to a new company with a bang and make an immediate impact
  • Creating interesting content even when you have an “unsexy” product
  • The anatomy of a viral LinkedIn post (Gaetano has posts that have done over 140,000 views)

Hope you enjoy this one!



How to connect with Gaetano:


Mentions from the episode:

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