The Unique Content Strategy Databox Used to Create a Community with John Bonini

Every company is creating content, but few are creating a community around it.

To have people who look forward to your new content, who share almost every new article you publish, and tell their peers that they NEED to get on your email list… that’s what we all want to build.

But much easier said than done.

The companies who are doing it the best find unique ways to blend story and information.

And that’s what John Bonini (Director of Marketing @ Databox) and his team are doing.

On this episode, John walked me through Databox’s unique content strategy and what it’s meant for their company. We covered:
  • How Databox is taking a journalistic and multi-view approach to content
  • How they create low friction entry points to get more people from content into their product
  • Using partners to help grow your marketing
  • Getting free users to upgrade to paid users
  • Failures along the way and what he’s learned from them

Hope you enjoy this one.



How to connect with John:

twitter: @Bonini84 LinkedIn: John Bonini


Mentions from the episode:

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