Chili Piper Announces Two Sales Executives Recognized for Excellence by The AA-ISP

The Global Inside Sales Association (AA-ISP) names Chili Piper’s Head of Business Development and Enablement, Michael Tuso, as a Top 25 Inside Sales Leader. Account Executive Nate Branscome secures the Top 25 Sales Rep for 2019 Award.

Chili Piper, the Buyer Enablement tech pioneer, announced today that two of its sales executives received awards at The AA-ISP’s 11th Annual Leadership Summit on April 18. Chili Piper’s Head of Business Development and Enablement, Michael Tuso, accepted the 2019 AA-ISP Inside Sales Leader Award, while Account Executive Nate Branscome took the 2019 AA-ISP Sales Rep Award. The peer-nominated Awards, in each category, honor individuals who have made a significant impact to the sales profession during the past year and are leaders in the industry.


“The AA-ISP awards received by both Michael and Nate are well-deserved,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Chili Piper. “It serves as a testament to the types of people Chili Piper recruits, hires and trains – people who are making an impact on the industry. Nate has had tremendous success as an Account Executive, serving not only as a role model for our employees but also externally. Michael’s innovation as a sales leader is unparalleled. Chili Piper is committed to hiring even more talented individuals who will inspire in the world of sales and beyond.”


Chili Piper’s innovative scheduling platform boosts buyer engagement by allowing qualified leads to automatically book a meeting or call after filling out a site’s contact form. The solution automates the complex scheduling process across teams and departments to provide buyers with the best possible experience.

Learn more about the Chili Piper team here.

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