How Lucidchart Grew to 14 Million Users with Tyler Bench

Yes, you read that title correctly…

Lucidchart has over 14 million users (and counting) of their software.

With that many users, one of Lucidchart’s major challenges (albeit, a great problem to have) is figuring out which ones are the right fit to talk to sales.

Our guest today is the person who is tackling a lot of those challenges – his name is Tyler Bench and he’s the Director of Demand Generation at Lucidchart.

Tyler has been at Lucidchart for over 4 years now. During that time, he’s helped the marketing team’s headcount grow bigger than the entire company was when he started.

He has some really unique experience that I’m excited to share with you today.

Here are the highlights from our chat:

  • How Tyler helped Lucidchart profitably scale their paid search spend from $300,000/year to $2,000,000/year
  • Some of the strategies the marketing team has used to grow Lucidchart to over 14 million users
  • The 3 main variables their team analyzes to identify the right users for sales to contact

Listen here :



How to connect with Tyler:

LinkedIn: Tyler Bench


Mentions from the episode:


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