Webinar: SaaS & Spicy Lead Qualification

Madison Perry

Only 5% of salespeople say leads they receive from marketing are very high quality... 🤯 (HubSpot)

That tells us something is up with lead qualification. And we want to get to the bottom of it.

Which is why we're doing a deep dive on lead qualification for our next SaaS & Spicy -- and you should come.

Join us live Tuesday, May 10th at 10 AM PT to hear from Arthur Castillo, Senior Field Marketing Manager here at Chili Piper, and Craig Jordan, the Founder & CEO of SaaScend as they discuss...

  • Lead scoring best practices
  • Proven techniques to align sales and marketing
  • How to factor in lead prioritization and target accounts
  • And how to optimize it all with automation

This is going to be a super fun discussion. Can't wait to see you there!


About the author
Madison Perry

Demand Gen & Partner Marketing @ Chili Piper 🌶

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