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Book meetings by gifting with Snappy

Use the power of gifting and gratitude to incentivize your prospects.

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Book meetings from gifting with Snappy + Chili Piper
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Step 1: Gift claimed. Step 2: Meeting booked.

Gifting just got better — and easier! Use your Chili Piper domain and router information to seamlessly send a Snappy gift to prospects. Once your prospect claims the gift, they will automatically be routed to book a meeting with the right salesperson.

Let your prospects choose the gift they want

...though the power of gratitude and gifting! Our “recipient picks” experience ensures you send the perfect gift every time, for everyone, on every occasion.

Send high-quality branded swag

Send branded Swag and create premium custom kits.

Send physical gifts all over the world

Is that truly international gifting, or what?


Let prospects donate their gift

Snappy believes in gifting forward to give back, it’s why our gifting platform offers recipients the power to choose their gift from a curated collection of products. Snappy is proud to be an official partner of Make-A-Wish and


More qualified meetings booked

Using your Chili Piper domain and router information, you can now send a Snappy gift campaign to prospects. Once your prospect claims the gift, they are automatically routed to a salesperson to book a meeting. 

Prospects meet with the right person

Route meetings properly by sending a Snappy gift via Chili Piper. Once the gift is claimed, the prospect will be prompted to book a meeting and that meeting will route to the right person based on your meeting configuration in Chili Piper. 

No worrying about gifting logistics

Snappy takes all of the guesswork out of gifting so that you can focus on the most important part: turning prospects into customers. Snappy’s gift of choice platform takes care of everything. You no longer have to worry about having a gift recipient's address, or picking out the right thing.

Book meetings immediately after gifting

Now you can run campaigns for a free gift in exchange for a booked meeting. As soon as your prospect orders their gift, they're directed to book a meeting.

Turn prospects into meetings with Snappy + Chili Piper

Who is this integration for?

  • Sales and Marketing teams
  • Account Executives, Marketing Directors, Sales Development, Business Development
  • All industries
  • Companies >80 employees

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gift conditional upon having the meeting?

No. Once the gift is claimed by the prospect, their information is routed to the appropriate salesperson to book a meeting.

Do I have to have a shipping address for the prospect in order to send them a gift?

No. Once you send an email using your Chili Piper domain and router, the prospect will input their own shipping address.

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What our customers are saying

Right after we implemented Chili Piper we saw a 50% lift in inbound meetings booked. We now see 5x as many meetings as we did before starting with Chili Piper and our revenue is around 300% — even with half the size of the sales team.

Krishan Patel

VP of Growth @ Apollo

We were able to increase revenue by 10-15% just by optimizing our inbound process. Our approach really paid off because we optimized what we were already doing rather than going out and spending more money.

Inwoo Song

Director of Growth  @ Workato

We've taken that whole 7-8 step demo scheduling process and turned it into a 2-3 step process. 70% of those that come in that are raising their hand are scheduling — that's a huge win for us.

TJ Nokleby

Director of Marketing @ Grow

With Chili Piper, we reduced our SDR meeting no show rate by over 50%, and increased our SQL rate by 33%.

Zvi Storch

Acquisition Marketing Manager @ LawGeex