Generating 95% of Pipeline From Marketing

July 19, 2023

The Shift in Marketing Mindset 🧠

Traditionally, marketing has been perceived as a top-of-the-funnel function, primarily focused on generating awareness and acquiring leads.

However, at UserGems, the belief is that marketing's mission doesn't end until those leads are successfully converted into revenue.

The company operates in close collaboration with its sales and account development teams to ensure the right type of pipeline is passed over to sales and closely monitored throughout the entire sales cycle.

The ultimate goal is to establish a clear link between marketing initiatives and revenue, leading to the rejection and renewal of programs based on this criterion.

A New Approach to Measurement 🎯

To ascertain that marketing efforts drive revenue, UserGems has adopted a unique point system to measure success.

The Head of Demand's performance is gauged based on the sales-accepted pipeline, going beyond mere lead generation or discovery calls completed.

This alignment of goals ensures the marketing team remains focused on the ultimate outcome - revenue generation.

Likewise, account development representatives are held accountable for both completed discovery calls and revenue closed, further synchronizing the efforts of ADRs and AEs.

The Power of Alignment 🙏

One crucial initiative contributing to scalable pipeline generation at UserGems is account-based marketing (ABM).

Through alignment between marketing and account development teams, UserGems effectively targets and engages key accounts, resulting in higher-quality leads and increased revenue.

The success of this alignment allows UserGems to confidently assert that a significant portion, 90% to 95%, of their pipeline is generated through marketing and account development efforts.

The Future ✨

The shift towards aligning marketing with sales and customer success bears significant implications for the future of marketing.

Operating in silos is no longer viable; marketers must collaborate with other revenue-generating teams to achieve business outcomes effectively.

This alignment enhances the efficiency of marketing efforts while establishing a foundation for long-term success and growth.

As UserGems navigates the expansion play and explores novel revenue-driving strategies, the evolving role of marketing becomes evident.

Marketers must adapt to the changing landscape and embrace a more holistic approach that emphasizes revenue generation from start to finish.

By aligning with sales and customer success, marketers can maximize their impact and drive tangible business results.

In conclusion, the key to marketing success lies in aligning with sales and customer success teams. 

By working together, marketers can ensure that their efforts are driving revenue and delivering tangible business outcomes. 

As we look to the future, this alignment will become even more critical as marketers navigate the challenges of a changing business landscape. 

It's time for marketers to step up, take ownership of revenue generation, and drive the success of their organizations.

Arthur Castillo
Trinity Nguyen
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