How to Integrate Sales Into Your Product-Led Motion

June 27, 2023

It’s 2023 and companies are quickly moving to a product-led motion by enabling customers to self-serve with freemium plans and free trials before making a purchase. While this can lead to more top-of-funnel activity, does it translate into more customers and revenue?

The answer is everyone’s favorite: 

It depends.

Product teams still need Sales teams to turn free trials into paying customers and then upsell/cross-sell once they do.

But how?

In our workshop with Chameleon and CloudKettle, we broke down ways to integrate your product-led, sales-led and other growth motions together. 

Here’s our recap for using the right mix of strategy, tech, and data to deliver a seamless experience for your customers and maximize revenue for your org.

What are the ingredients for a PLG motion?

  1. Workflows or ways for your product to showcase itself (ex. free trial, freemium plan to up-sell from, interactive demo)
  2. Understand your GTM fundamentals (ICP, personas, use cases, pain points your solving) so that your messaging is on point and you can nudge prospects in the right direction to value realization
  3. Being able to diagnose/understand how people are interacting with your product so you can continuously test and optimize

Use Cases

Our very own Elyssa Stewart (Director of Product Management) breaks down how you can combine sales-led, customer-led, and product-led motions to maximize revenue. 

How to make sure sales teams don’t compete with self-serve plans

  • Make sure your processes between sales, product and marketing are all aligned (ex. SLAs and ROEs are set in place) so you can understand which leads are coming in from the product itself and who should be following up with those leads and getting the credit
  • Have a formula that feeds into a single source of truth (ex. Salesforce) so that everyone can see activity records 
  • Leverage self-serve as a way to enhance lead scoring and once they hit a certain threshold route to sales reps so they can follow up for up-sell opportunities

Bonus: Here’s two playbooks of how to use Chili Piper + Chameleon + Salesforce to level up your Sales Led + PLG game:

Playbook 1: Trial Conversion

Download the PDF

Playbook #2: Upsell/Cross-sell

Download the PDF 

Arthur Castillo
Elyssa Stewart
Jay Filiatrault
Dan Stratton
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