The Key Skills Most Marketing Leaders Miss

August 9, 2023

The Value of Customer Focus 👓

In an era where net new customers may be harder to come by, Rowan Tonkin emphasizes the importance of focusing on existing customers.

At Planful, their number one value is customers, and they have made significant investments in customer-focused strategies.

One such strategy is their annual user conference.

"That's probably something that I think was a really good investment. And it's an investment you have to make over a long period of time because once you sign up to do a user conference, the expectation is you're going to do them every year."

While user conferences may not yield immediate upsell or cross-sell opportunities, they play a crucial role in brand building and community engagement.

Tonkin advises marketers to consider starting with virtual conferences or consolidating regional events to test the waters before committing to a full-scale conference.

The long-term benefits of investing in customer-focused strategies are well worth the effort.

Balancing Brand Awareness and Conversion ⚖️

Traditionally, marketers have focused on brand awareness and demand generation as the primary growth levers.

However, Tonkin believes that conversion rate optimization is equally important, especially in specific stages of the sales cycle.

At Planful, they take a nuanced approach to these growth levers, considering different audiences and regions.

"We look at it across the business, and it's in different pockets of our audience matrix to say, 'Hey, we might be lacking in pipeline with this one business. So it's all about top of funnel. Let's not worry about conversion until we have all the leads.'"

By analyzing their audience matrix and identifying areas of strength and weakness, Planful can allocate resources effectively.

This strategic approach allows them to balance brand awareness and conversion, ensuring they maximize their marketing efforts.

The Art of Prioritization ✏️

One of the most critical aspects of effective marketing is setting clear intentions and making progress towards those goals.

Tonkin emphasizes the importance of documenting goals, communicating them with stakeholders, and regularly checking in on progress.

He advises marketers to be intentional in their approach, saying, "Set your goals, go after them, and then be mindful to check in and say, 'Am I achieving them?'"

By doing so, marketers can align their efforts with the expectations of their superiors and demonstrate their value to the organization.

Tonkin also highlights the need for self-criticism and the ability to recognize when a strategy or tactic is not working.

He encourages marketers to be open to feedback and quick to adjust their approach if necessary.

This level of self-awareness and adaptability is crucial for long-term success.

Wrap up 🔄

Rowan Tonkin's insights shed light on the strategies and tactics that can help marketers thrive in this environment.

By embracing unconventional tactics, investing in customer-focused strategies, and balancing brand awareness with conversion, marketers can maximize their impact.

Additionally, setting clear intentions, making progress, and being open to self-criticism are essential for personal and professional growth.

As we look to the future, it's clear that strategic marketing will play a pivotal role in driving business success.

By following the advice of industry leaders like Rowan Tonkin, marketers can navigate the challenges ahead and achieve their goals.

Arthur Castillo
Rowan Tonkin
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