Why Marketers Need To Run More Sales Calls

August 4, 2023

The Role of Marketing in Driving Revenue 🤑

Erik sees his role as a marketer to push the deal as close to the end as possible, while sales take on the role of closing the deal.

He believes that marketing should provide sales teams with the necessary information and tools to focus their efforts on the most promising opportunities.

Erik's approach to tracking marketing performance revolves around key indicators such as leads, contacts, marketing qualified leads (MQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs), and the associated dollar figures.

By closely monitoring these metrics, Erik ensures that marketing efforts are aligned with revenue goals.

The Importance of Collaboration between Marketing and Sales 🤝

Erik emphasizes the importance of collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

He believes that marketers should not operate in isolation but should actively engage with the sales team to understand their challenges and provide support.

Erik goes as far as sitting with the BDRs and SDRs while they make cold calls, offering guidance and refreshing their knowledge on marketing campaigns.

By bridging the gap between marketing and sales, Erik ensures that both teams are aligned and working towards a common goal.

Advice for Aspiring Marketing Leaders 💭

For those aspiring to lead marketing teams, Erik offers valuable advice.

He suggests gaining experience in various departments, including marketing operations and sales, to gain a holistic understanding of the business.

Erik also encourages marketers to immerse themselves in the products they are marketing and to constantly seek opportunities to learn and grow.

According to Erik, many marketers lose track of what their company's products actually do.

"You should try product marketing. And by that, I mean understand the products you're marketing."

Erik believes that marketers should be able to articulate the value and benefits of their products in their own words, rather than relying on taglines or marketing materials.

By understanding the products inside out, marketers can effectively communicate their value to potential customers.

Mastering the Art of Communication 📣

As the Chief Evangelist at Xactly, Erik's role extends beyond traditional marketing responsibilities.

He advises aspiring chief evangelists to take improv classes to enhance their communication skills.

Erik believes that being able to effectively communicate and engage with an audience is crucial for a spokesperson.

He shares a personal experience where he had to deliver a presentation without slides due to technical difficulties.

This experience taught him the importance of storytelling and connecting with the audience on a deeper level.

Wrap up 🔄

The conversation with Erik Charles provides valuable insights into the evolving role of marketing and the importance of collaboration between marketing and sales teams.

As technology continues to advance, marketers have access to a wealth of data and insights that can inform their strategies and drive revenue growth.

By understanding the products they are marketing, tracking key performance indicators, and fostering collaboration with sales teams, marketers can position themselves as strategic drivers of business success.

Aspiring marketing leaders can learn from Erik's advice and strive to develop a comprehensive skill set that encompasses both technical expertise and effective communication skills.

The future of marketing lies in the hands of those who can adapt, innovate, and drive results.

Arthur Castillo
Erik Charles
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