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21 Best Lead Generation Software to Accelerate Your Pipeline

Whatever your marketing and sales strategy, you need to generate leads. Do it manually, and you could find yourself without time to do anything else. Lead generation software helps by automating tasks, delivering clean and easy-to-read data, and empowering you to build more solid strategies. Essentially, lead gen software = higher conversion rates.

What is lead generation software?

Without customers, is your business even really a business? Lead gen is one of the most important aspects of any company, whether you’re selling software, products, or services. Lead generation software can help with the foundations of generating those leads with paid online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), forms, landing pages, and content strategies. 

Types of lead generation software

Just like there are different strategies to turn a prospect into a lead and ultimately into a customer, there are different types of lead generation software. Each one can help with inbound and outbound lead generation and lead management

  • Form optimization: Get the most out of the forms on your site with software that makes your forms easier for the end-user, or automates a process.
  • Landing page optimization: Use landing page builder and optimization tools that automate designing, A/B testing, and reporting to improve your landing page conversions— all without any coding knowledge.
  • Data mining: If you’re manually looking up info on prospects, we have one question — why? There’s software that will automatically check various directories for data on potential leads.
  • Form, quiz, and popup creation: Direct site visitors to take a quiz, fill out a form, or use a popup to capture their contact information. 
  • Chatbots: Answer site visitors’ questions as soon as they have them without eating up your time. Chatbots can save visitors time, and when a visitor is ready to talk, a chatbot can connect sales reps with leads.
  • Coupon & Contest Management: Create, distribute, and track a customer journey using coupon or contest management software. Who doesn’t love something for free?
  • Social Media:  Plan your social media strategy, and then implement it with social media apps that let you post, engage, analyze statistics, and work on that brand awareness.

Form Optimization

1. Chili Piper

Let’s get right to the point. Chili Piper can double demos booked because leads can see an available meeting time at the moment they fill out your form. Manually setting up calls or demos has diminishing returns for all businesses. Chili Piper optimizes your forms so you’re always getting leads that are hot, hot, hot. 

As soon as someone fills out a form, your connected CRM creates a new contact, and then the right sales rep is paired with that person. When leads get options for times and dates to set up a call or a demo, there’s no momentum lost. Oh, that prospect wants to talk now? Chili Piper connects the rep and lead instantly via phone or video calls.

2. ZoomInfo FormComplete

Long forms suck. Most people looking to sign up for a service, information, or a newsletter don’t want to fill out a ton of stuff. ZoomInfo FormComplete is lead gen software that fills in the blanks your leads don’t want to do. 

So, what’s the benefit of a shorter form for your site visitors? They save time, there’s less chance for human error, and ZoomInfo mines all the info you’re looking for. You’ll also get a lead quality score. Plus, you can integrate the app with several others, so you get the contact details in your CRM and other marketing platforms. For example, you can hook it up to Chili Piper for quick lead distribution to get those leads on a call right away.

Visit ZoomInfo FormComplete

3. HubSpot

Yeah, you could use a form creator. If you’re already using HubSpot, you’ll get better data if you use its lead capture forms. You’ll be able to track a lead’s journey, which will tell you a lot about that lead’s needs. 

The marketing automation app includes all the expected features, such as important privacy notices, checkboxes and dropdown menus, and thank-you messages or pages. So, if HubSpot is your chosen lead management software, use those forms. Also, HubSpot integrates with seemingly everything, so you can optimize for all your departments.

Visit Hubspot

Landing page optimization

4. ClickFunnels

You could create landing pages with any website builder. You could also create ClickFunnels pages and sites designed to push a customer or lead through a sales funnel. Like most builders, it includes hosting, templates, and a visual drag-and-drop editor. The difference is that ClickFunnels helps you by showing you where to put your copy, CTA, and the basic structure of a funnel.

Visit Clickfunnels

5. Unbounce

Unbounce is a pioneer in the landing page world. It was the first to show up and put power in the marketing and sales team’s hands — no coding needed. Use it to create landing pages to generate interest, capture leads, and sell. The dynamic text replacement is a game changer in PPC campaigns, so you can give each user what they’re searching for.

Visit Unbounce

6. InstaPage

Are your landing pages AMPed? Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a movement to speed up mobile traffic. Instapage is all about faster loading speed, which is why it’s enabling AMP on pages for those on the Enterprise plan. “But mobile is more of a B2C crowd,” you might say. Not anymore. Turns out about 50% of B2B buyers are looking into services and products from smartphones, according to the Boston Consulting Group and Google.

Visit Instapage

Data Mining

7. Clearbit

In sales and marketing, having contact information and optimism is sometimes all you need. But isn’t it better to have tools that make it easier for you to sell? Clearbit provides all the data you’d have to manually look up if all you had was an email address. It also integrates with the most popular apps that sales teams use. Another great feature is Reveal, which lets you know which companies visit your site (even if no one has contacted you yet).

Visit Clearbit

8. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo already made this list, but the company offers a few different solutions. For data mining, ZoomInfo offers a smart database of and for B2B audiences so you can plan a solid demand generation strategy. You know how Facebook ads target a B2C audience by going beyond demographics? That’s what ZoomInfo’s database does with the help of machine learning and AI. You’ll get more than who’s who and where they work — expect to see a company’s latest news, funding, tech stacks, and growth rates, for example.

Visit Zoominfo

9. Windfall

Not all databases feature the same people, companies, or information. Windfall homes in on wealth data, which is a specific area that could be useful for you. Many nonprofits use Windfall to target households with a high net worth. It provides data on historical donations, purchases, and predictive signals to help you target the right audience.

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Form, Quiz & Popup Creation

10. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is possibly the most popular popup creator to help turn site visitors into leads. It’s an affordable app that lets you create campaigns for your site. The drag-and-drop popup designer is easy to use, and you can use it to develop popups that slide in, pop up, or stick to the screen. Capture leads with discount offers or coupons, or set up countdown timers to create urgency for an offer.

Visit OptinMonster

11. ConvertFlow

If we’ve learned anything from BuzzFeed, it’s what cheese we would be if we were cheese, And that people love taking quizzes. You can create sleek quizzes for your site to help segment your visitors based on, well, whatever you want. Go simple with text-based quizzes, or include photos to help engage your audience. You don’t have to be a designer — templates included. ConvertFlow also does popups, forms, surveys, and sticky bars.

Visit ConvertFlow

12. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

It’s a good idea to use short forms to make sure a lead fills it out, but many B2B companies need more information from a lead than B2C. Enter: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. We’re all already on LinkedIn, anyway, and most of us include a lot of information on our profiles. If you’re already using LinkedIn’s sponsored posts or messages, then this could work for you. A lead clicks on your CTA, and then a short form pops up with many of the fields auto-populated, so there’s less work for your lead. Result: more leads for you.

Visit LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms


13. Intercom

Intercom lets you place a chatbot on your site that initiates conversation with your site visitors. Through custom questions, you can direct leads to the right place for answers on your site — and qualify those leads. Or set up a demo or meeting with leads and your sales team while the chatbot keeps them on the page.

Visit Intercom

14. Drift

Conversational marketing is what Drift does with its customizable chatbots. Real-time communication with visitors on your site is becoming vital so you can stay ahead of your competition. It integrates with the most popular CRMs and other marketing software. Plus, you can integrate Chili Piper with Drift to book a demo in real time — one of the best lead conversion tactics to ensure your B2B lead doesn’t go cold.

Visit Drift

15. IntelliTicks

For B2B lead gen, AI-powered chatbots made sense early on, and now the B2C crowd seems to be catching on. You can add a chatbot to your website and Facebook Messenger, so you never miss an opportunity to engage a lead. IntelliTicks created a hybrid communication marketing plan, so you can directly speak with a lead on your site, or let a bot handle it. As with any lead gen software, it includes detailed reports of data acquired and conversions.

Visit IntelliTicks

Coupon Management

16. Voucherify

Coupons and loyalty programs are typically associated with retail, but digital coupons and discounts work well in almost any industry (B2B, B2C, consultancies, etc.). Voucherify makes it easy for any business to offer coupons, discount codes, create loyalty programs for customers, and analyze all that beautiful data that comes with it. Perhaps the best part is that sales and marketing teams can manage campaigns without coding knowledge.

Visit Voucherify

17. Wishpond

Another app that offers an easy way for you to create effective lead magnets is Wishpond. Create coupons and discount codes, run contests, and promotions, and set up limited-time offers to speed up the site visitors-to-customers journey. Like other coupon management software, Wishpond is more of a builder, so you don’t need to code — it includes lots of templates for you to use. Plus, the app integrates with the biggest names in sales and marketing software.

Visit Wishpond

18. Vyper

Going viral is the marketer’s dream, right? Vyper helps you create contests, giveaways, and referral programs that help bring in scores of leads. Aside from the multiple types of contests you can make (through Vyper’s visual editor), you’ll also be able to encourage your leads to share your campaign.

Visit Vyper

Social Media

19. LinkedIn Ads

Social media for B2B lead generation works a little differently than it does for B2C, of course. LinkedIn is the place for B2B leads because of the nature of the platform. This is where your content marketing strategy is going to shine for those B2B buyers. You can pay for sponsored content that’ll show up in the news feed, or sponsored messages so you can strike up a direct conversation with a prospect.

Visit LinkedIn Ads

20. Twitter Ads

It shouldn’t surprise you to see Twitter on this list; after all, 82% of marketers use Twitter to share content to B2B audiences. Maybe the surprising insight is that only 27% of those marketers are using paid ads on Twitter. The platform may need to be viewed differently from, say, LinkedIn — it’s far more conversational and personal.

Visit Twitter Ads

21. Sprout Social

We could’ve added Instagram and Facebook here, but why not get a social media tool that will help you manage all of it in one spot? Sprout Social streamlines your social media experience in one place, so you can manage, engage, and share quickly and easily across all your channels. It’s one of the best demand generation tools to help with B2B and B2C marketing.

Visit Sprout Social

Bottom Line

Inbound or outbound lead generation requires one of two things: A lot of your time and effort to manage or automate. Lead generation software helps free up your time, so you can focus on the other legs of marketing or closing deals. A combination of the software on this list, such as Clearbit for good data, Chili Piper for keeping those leads spicy, and OptinMonster for clean popups, is a great start.


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