10 Best Landing Page Examples to Inspire Your Landing Page Design

David Gargaro

Designing your own landing page isn’t easy. You need to include a lot of different yet important components and follow best practices to create an effective and attractive landing page.

That’s why we suggest using a landing page builder and starting with a landing page template. You’ll still need to customize the landing page to fit your specific goals but using a template means most of the design work will already be done.

Whether you decide to start with a template or build a landing page from scratch, you’ll need some inspiration to help get those creative juices flowing. 

The following landing page examples will inspire your design ideas and help you create a high converting landing page.

Landing Page Examples

To follow are 10 of our favorite, well-designed landing pages.

1. enables you to find the work emails of prospective leads and corporate contacts. 

The landing page is clean, simple, and straightforward. The headline focuses on the key benefit to the reader and is followed by one sentence that describes what you can do.

The CTA has one field (email address). It’s clear what will happen when visitors provide their email address.

Social proof, located further down the page, backs up the claims. It consists of clients’ logos and testimonials from satisfied users.

2. Chili Piper

OK, we’re biased, but we like our landing page.

Concierge, an online scheduling tool, enables you to instantly qualify, route, and schedule meetings with buyers at the moment they complete a web form. 

The headline describes what the tool does and why it would benefit users. The supporting sentence provides another benefit of using Concierge.

The CTA uses dropdown fields that allow visitors to select their CRM and country. They will be able to book a demo when they click the button.

Social proof supports the content and includes a user testimonial and logos of businesses that use Concierge.

3. Twilio

Twilio’s cloud communication platform enables clients to engage customers across SMS, voice, video, WhatsApp, email, and other channels.

This is a clickthrough page, as clicking on the CTA takes visitors to the form. They can also scroll down the page to the form.

The headline tells the reader what the platform does and how they can use it. The video explains uses and benefits, which are described further down the page.

The CTA copy is strong (talk to an expert). Clicking on the button takes the visitor to a longer but simple form further down the page.

4. Conversica

Conversica’s conversational AI solutions help enterprises use email, SMS or website chat to attract, acquire, and grow customers across the customer lifecycle.

The headline makes a strong statement. The lead sentence features a strong statistic on the effectiveness of its AI assistants.

The copy explains the key benefits of AI assistants. Benefits are further explained down the page.

Visitors know they will get to see a demo when they complete the form. While it’s a longer form than others, it’s straightforward and only requests essential information.

5. PatientPop

PatientPop helps medical practices to grow by improving the digital touchpoints experienced by patients.

The landing page enables owners of medical practices to compare their online performance against other practices in their area and specialty. It’s a unique offer and strong differentiator that can attract prospects.

The headline clearly describes what the visitor can do on the page. The following copy and benefits further down are clear and compelling.

The CTA provides clear fields for the visitor to fill out to easily compare their practice to competitors. The person only has to fill in one field, with the other fields set up as dropdown lists and click boxes.

6. Shopify

Shopify’s platform helps businesses set up ecommerce websites, sell online, ship orders, and process payments anywhere.

The trial landing page has a clean and simple layout. The headline states what the visitor can do, and backs it up with a strong statistic on its user base.

The CTA is straightforward, with just an email address required. The CTA copy states what will happen next.

Benefits, costs, and statistics are briefly described at the bottom of the page. Social proof follows this copy, as well as a repeat of the CTA.

7. enables consumers to learn about mortgages and evaluate their current mortgage situation, as well as get real rates and mortgage loans online.

The landing page is clean and sparse. It consists of a directional headline, a slider, a CTA, and some legal copy.

The page is interactive and responsive to different entries. The CTA consists of four steps: select your debt amount, whether you are behind on your payments (and how long if you are), your state, and a form to collect your info. 

You get the results when you click the CTA. For those with debt issues, the output page can produce positive feelings.

8. IMPACT Branding and Design

IMPACT Branding and Design helps businesses to increase their sales results from inbound marketing. 

The landing page offers visitors a free guide about how to generate more leads from their blog. It’s a compelling offer for many businesses that already have blogs.

The copy clearly describes what the visitor will get from downloading the guide. It also describes the methods used and claims its success.

The CTA requests a minimal amount of information for the visitor to claim the free guide. It also links to their privacy policy and explains why they are collecting the information.

9. Unbounce

Unbounce enables users to create custom landing pages without knowing how to code.

Visitors to the landing page can input their information to use Unbounce's free landing page analysis tool. The headline and body copy are clear on what you get in exchange, and the page includes a gif of what the landing page analysis looks like.

The CTA is actionable and also from the perspective of the visitor (i.e., analyze my page). They are asking Unbounce to analyze their landing page. 

10. Lyft

Lyft enables people to earn money as drivers through its platform.

The landing page is sparse and focused on its value proposition: helping people to easily earn money as drivers.

Visitors can choose two paths: to become drivers or users of the service. All you need is a phone number to proceed to the next steps.

The benefits of working with Lyft are explained further down the page. The copy is designed to answer all potential objections and make the process more appealing to potential drivers.

Indicators of a Well-Designed Landing Page 

The following eight characteristics are indicative of well-designed landing pages.

1. Focused messaging

Many web pages contain a lot of content about different topics. Visitors can lose patience or get distracted before they get to the CTA.

Well-written landing pages get right to the point. They take a direct approach in communicating the value and benefits to visitors.

2. Supports your business goals

Every marketing tactic and tool should support your business goals. A well-designed landing page should do the same.

Whether you want to find new customers, promote a new product or service, grow your sales or expand into new markets, a strategically designed landing page can support that goal. Landing pages can be adapted to different purposes and audiences, and support whatever strategy you implement.

3. Creates a good impression

Many visitors will encounter your brand, products, or services for the first time. The landing page serves as the entry point to your website.

A well-designed landing page provides visitors with value, which leaves a good impression. It also directs them on the next steps and starts them on their path to creating a relationship with your brand.

Creating a positive first impression improves the odds of turning visitors into customers.

4. Establishes credibility

Well-designed landing pages build credibility by backing up claims with social proof. They include customer testimonials and images or videos of satisfied clients using the products or services to solve their problems.

Your claims get more credence when visitors see other customers making positive claims about your products or services. They are more likely to buy if your landing page shows other people satisfied with their purchase.

You can establish credibility by including the names and logos of former clients, particularly if they are established. Including pull quotes can add a personal touch as well.

5. Generates leads 

A focused landing page generates highly qualified and targeted leads, which increases conversion rates.

They are effective because they provide value to targeted leads in exchange for contact information. Visitors who willingly share this information are prime prospects for your business.

6. Promotes new products and services

When you launch new products or services, you’re going to promote them using traditional channels (e.g., press releases) and social media. A well-designed landing page is another tool for getting those products or services in front of potential customers.

The landing page should focus on the key benefits of your products or services for a select target audience. You can address specific pain points for specific customers and how your solution addresses those pain points.

7. Grows search traffic

High-converting landing pages are search engine optimized and search engine friendly. They come up more often in search results for targeted keywords and pull in organic traffic for your website.

They also pull qualified leads from your website’s search traffic. Internal linking can drive the right customers to the right landing pages.

8. Increases engagement

Landing pages dedicated to getting signups for webinars, online courses, and other events can increase engagement. They attract organic traffic and pull in targeted prospects from internal links, blog posts, social media, and other avenues.

Engaging landing pages can also direct site traffic to gated content, such as whitepapers, case studies, reports, eBooks, and other downloadable assets. They can guide site visitors to internal links and CTAs to drive downloads in exchange for email addresses.

The Bottom Line

Using a landing page builder and templates will help to reduce the time and effort required to create your landing page. Follow best practices and examples of well-designed landing pages—such as the ones shown above—to customize your own high-converting landing pages.

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