Time To Value: How Chili Piper Customers Are Seeing Immediate Results

Logan Hendrickson

A question we get all the time here at Chili Piper: “how long does it take to get up and running?

An understandable question. The last thing you want in a piece of software that is designed to speed up your operations and make your life easier is for that very tool to do the exact opposite. Something far too common in B2B tech implementations.

The good news for Chili Piper customers is that the answer to the above question for us is “we can get started today”.

Hear from two of our customers about their experience getting started with Chili Piper, then see a timeline of when you can expect to see value after signing up with us. 

Customer Examples: Getting Started with Chili Piper

We spoke to two operations pros about their experience setting up Chili Piper, working with our team, and how long it took to start seeing the results they were looking for.

Hours of manual tasks saved instantly

Roofstock switched from Calendly to Chili Piper and previously their team was wasting a lot of time routing and re-routing contacts to the appropriate owners in Salesforce. This was being done manually, creating a lot of confusion among sales reps, and slowing down their sales cycle.

“Since we started Chili Piper it took us literally a day to see the admin time down from every single team across the board.”
Alaia, Sales Operations @ Roofstock

30% increase in meeting show-rates after 1 week

TravelBank had a manual process in place for scheduling meetings with their prospects and customers before implementing Chili Piper.

“We could be talking about several hours between the time the lead was submitted to when the actual prospect booked a time with our team. So there was a lot of friction in that process.”
Connor, Revenue Operations @ TravelBank

By simply automating the scheduling process, adding smart reminders, and making it easier on their customers TravelBank went from a ~60% meeting show-rate to over 80%.

Chili Piper implementation timeline

To help you get an even better sense of what you can expect after signing on the dotted line, here’s a timeline for getting started with Chili Piper. 

Within 30 seconds 

As soon as you sign up you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Create a personal booking link
  • Integrate with your calendar, CRM, video conferencing and marketing tools
  • Send suggested meeting times, with an easy option to reschedule
  • Access Instant Booker from all your favorite tools

Key results

→ Improve booking rates by allowing prospects to find the most convenient time, and reschedule if needed

→ Limit back and forth by giving access to the available times on your calendar

→ Schedule meetings in one-click with Instant Booker and the Chili Piper Chrome Extension

Within 1 hour

After an hour of setup, you’ll put processes in place to save your team time by:

  • Creating templates for meeting invites
  • Establishing company wide signatures
  • Setting up customized meeting reminders (email and/or text)

Key results 

→ Save hours of time by creating unlimited meeting templates

→ Improve show rates with email and/or text notifications

→ Unify the team with branded signatures that include smart booking links

Within 1 day

After your first day using Chili Piper, we’ll help you: 

  • Connect to your webforms in order to instantly qualify, route and book leads with Concierge
  • Set up round robin routing and reporting

Key results 

→ Save your reps time by only engaging with the most qualified leads 

→ Have more meetings by allowing prospects to book a demo as soon as they request one

→ Close more deals by routing leads to the most appropriate contact

Within 1 week

After your first week with Chili Piper you can expect to: 

  • Have your entire revenue team trained on how to use Chili Piper
  • Report on meetings booked, held, and attended
  • Increase your speed to lead, conversion rates, and show rates

Key results 

→ Save your team time

→ Hold more meetings

→ Earn more revenue

Try it for yourself

Now that you know what to expect with Chili Piper, request a demo to learn how Chili Piper can work for you.

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