What is Meeting Lifecycle Automation?

Meetings are the lifeblood of revenue teams. Yet very little technology has been applied to the processes, messages, and user actions that need to happen before, during, and after a meeting. Our Google and Outlook calendars have been good enough.


Meetings are the lifeblood of revenue teams

The world is becoming more and more competitive; offering an amazing product isn’t enough. All sellers need to educate, help, and motivate their buyers. Meetings provide the most effective way to do exactly that. They are the lifeblood of revenue teams.

Yet, in spite of their obvious importance, very little technology has been applied to facilitate the creation and successful execution of meetings. Our Google and Outlook calendars were good enough.

But the amount of manual work associated with meetings keeps piling up. Constant back-and-forth emails, calculating time zones, manually creating invites, embedding web conferencing links, reminding people to show up, capturing notes, and logging meetings in your CRM; these are just a few of the tasks you need to tackle during the course of a meeting — what we refer to as the Meeting Lifecycle.

All of the work around meetings keeps you from doing your actual job — educating, helping, and motivating your prospects and customers.

Our job is to help you focus on your job.

Speed to lead is dead. Inbound should be instant.

The lifecycle of a meeting starts when the prospect requests a meeting.

Before we launched our inbound solution, Concierge, every company had accepted the industry standard 40% conversion rate on inbound demo requests — meaning that 60 out of every 100 inbound meeting requests (aka inbound leads) never converted into a held meeting.

The biggest culprit was speed to lead. The moment a prospect submits a meeting request form on your website, you should be connecting to get a meeting on their calendar.

After 5 minutes, the odds of converting a lead drop by 80%, yet most revenue teams take upwards of two days to connect with buyers.

Say goodbye to lead response times, we help you connect instantly.

Reps are deal makers, not record takers

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s founder & CEO, realized that his company had an opportunity to play a major role in addressing the crisis. He instructed his revenue teams to hold ONE MILLION MEETINGS with their prospects and customers about Covid.

How did he make sure that this happened? By asking thousands of Salesforce employees to manually input their meeting data in its namesake CRM.

Every sales org has its own struggle with manually logging meetings in their CRM. “How did the meeting go? I don’t see any notes or updates in Salesforce,” is an all too common phrase on any sales floor.

Tracking engagement in your CRM is important, but it should be automatic.

Meeting Lifecycle Automation: The Hottest New Category in Revenue Acceleration

Chili Piper has spent the last four years helping industry leaders like Twilio, Gong, Gainsight, Airbnb, Expedia, and hundreds more get the most value out of meetings and meeting requests.

We identified so many opportunities where intelligent software could help, that it shaped a category all on its own. Until now we didn’t have a name for it.


So what is Meeting Lifecycle Automation? It's the automation of all the processes, messages, and user actions that need to happen before, during, and after a meeting. This includes scheduling, but also:

  • Handling inbound meeting requests: qualifying, routing, booking or connecting live with prospects and customers
  • Setting up follow up conversations: suggesting times to meet, setting up multi-guests meetings, booking in one click
  • Making the most of booked meetings: sending an agenda, gathering data pre-meeting, sending recaps, booking the next steps, logging notes, taking the follow-up actions, updating the CRM, and more

The acceleration and automation of these steps is a complex problem. This is probably why Chili Piper faces no competition outside of simple booking links. We’re committed to keep innovating and to grow this category into the largest within Revenue Acceleration.

The Chili Piper™ Meeting Lifecycle Automation Platform

Concierge - Convert inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly

Concierge is the only product that lets you route leads and book meetings the second prospects complete your web form. We help revenue teams double their inbound conversion rate and close more deals without having to increase acquisition spend.


Instant Booker - The only meeting automation solution for revenue reps

Better than basic booking links, Instant Booker is the only meeting lifecycle automation tool built for revenue reps. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and schedule meetings from anywhere.


Automated workflows, next level productivity

Increase show rates while eliminating manual tasks and follow-up. Reminders, no show management, meeting buffers, reserved times, simple rescheduling, and more.

Powerful CRM automation

No more manual data entry or chasing down reps to update your CRM. Chili Meetings integrates seamlessly with your CRM to help you eliminate manual administrative tasks.