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Together we are Proud Pipers - Happy Pride Month 2022!

Pride is being unapologetically who you are. Pride is community and showing up for one another, standing with each other no matter what, no matter where. At Chili Piper we believe we are all citizens of this planet. Inclusivity and belonging are a part of our every day. Our employees represent thirty countries across the globe. We fly every flag, including the rainbow. We are all deserving of respect, visibility, equity, inclusivity, and the right to live proudly and openly as we are. We also believe the world is ready to become a more just and inclusive place, where acceptance is available to all. But change will never happen by accident. It starts on the ground, in the communities where we live. That's why we're working with our Proud Pipers to donate to local LGBTQ+ organizations around the world who are doing the work to protect our rights. That's why Chili Piper is donating organizations from each of our communities Standing together for change - one community at a time.