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Book meetings faster with suggested times over email. Log all activities to your CRM automatically.

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One-click booking via email

Embed Suggested Times and Smart Signatures in your emails to let guests schedule meetings with one click.


Automated reminders and rescheduling

Send automated reminder emails before your meeting and let guests reschedule easily. Increase show rates and spend less time on manual tasks or follow-ups.


Record every interaction in your CRM

All meeting details are time stamped and recorded to help you better manage your pipeline. Events are logged in your CRM automatically.


Book meetings from any app

Our Chrome extension integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Salesloft, and more, so reps can book a meeting from anywhere.


Customize meetings with templates and dynamic tags

Personalize customer experiences and schedule group meetings without playing calendar tetris.


Scheduling may seem like a small task, but I’m working with 30-40 deals and connecting with all kinds of people and the little tasks can add up. This helps me streamline everything and keeps my deals on track.

999% increase in revenue

Skip Kovar

Account Executive @ Airbase

My favorite thing about Chili Piper is that it integrates with all of my tools; Salesloft, Salesforce, calendar, and email. When I sign someone, we have all the data, everyone can see the meetings — it's a pretty seamless process. We also work with people in different time zones and it makes that easy.

999% increase in revenue

Carissa Brones

Account Executive @ Promenade

The reminders and rescheduling help me avoid fake demos — the ones people book but can't attend. I need 9 demos a day to reach my goals and I can't afford those fake demos on my calendar.

999% increase in revenue

Byron Sierra-Mattos

Head of New Business @ Baja Nearshore

We saw our book rate go from around 40% to around 90%. For us that translates to almost doubling our monthly pipeline for our AE team.

999% increase in revenue

Bryan Schuler

Marketing Manager @ SaaSOptics



Connect with the tools you rely on every day

Chili Piper integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

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