12 Top Sales Enablement Tools to Set Reps Up for Smashing Success

Amy Geist

There’s no shortage of sales enablement software to evaluate for your organization.  

And it’s no wonder the market’s taken off given 69% of B2B salespeople don’t believe they have the pipeline to meet their quota. 

Of course, there’s other factors at play, but with the right sales enablement strategy in place, reps will be able to create more opportunities. 

And sales enablement technology providers are clamoring for the chance to prove their solutions will drive the most growth and revenue for your business.

We’ve sorted through a bunch of options so you don’t have to.

Here are a dozen of the top sales enablement tools that can set sales reps up for success. 

But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. 

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of equipping a sales team with the resources they need in order to provide the most effective value proposition possible — so they can close more business. 

It encompasses training, coaching and onboarding, management of sales and marketing assets, and other knowledge-based programs. 

But we’re going to widen that definition just a bit with our recommendations for sales enablement tools — because you’ll need more to actually close the deal.

You’ll see what we mean. 

12 Top Sales Enablement Tools for Developing Killer Sales Teams 

From all-in-one sales enablement platforms to those that focus on just one aspect, here are 12 sales enablement software solutions to check out. 

1. MindTickle

Inspired by the idea that learning should be fun, MindTickle combines the onboarding process with gamification to engage and develop killer sales teams.

New sales reps practice their pitches and objection handling through recorded role-playing exercises and automated training paths. 

Once they engage prospects, MindTickle provides data-driven intelligence for every interaction to identify any gaps in skills. 

Their comprehensive suite of readiness applications — courses, quick updates, instructor-led training, intuitive reinforcements, content authoring — provides the means for improvement so teams can maximize sales.  

2. Brainshark

Brainshark prepares your sales reps for every possible interaction with a prospect and ensures they’ll always know how they can add value. 

Designed with a mobile-first approach, Brainshark’s platform provides onboarding, skills development, content authoring, and coaching. 

Brainshark’s Scorecards align with your CRM data so you can track reps’ progress against critical sales KPIs. Integrations with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 make the process seamless. 


Chorus is a conversation intelligence platform that captures and analyzes all calls, emails, and meetings sales reps are having with prospects. 

Behaviors and tactics of top closers are recorded and made available in a library.  

Together, they give sales reps the insight they need to up their game. 

Managers benefit from the powerful AI that identifies calls and deals that require attention so they can focus on coaching or getting deals past the finish line. 

4. SalesLoft

SalesLoft helps sales reps automate engagement with prospects. 

Its engagement platform helps revenue teams create pipeline, better manage deals, and close them efficiently. 

Reps can automate email cadences, and take advantage of one-click dialing and texting to prospects. Analytics and reporting on all of the above then help to identify what's working and what can be improved.

Bonus: If you use Chili Piper, you can automatically insert your smart booking link into your SalesLoft cadences.

5. Highspot

Highspot’s advanced sales enablement solution provides intelligent content management, onboarding, training, coaching, and analytics in a single unified platform. 

Reps won’t have to waste time looking for the right content to support their sales efforts. Instead they’ll be able to use advanced search and AI-driven recommendations to create personalized content that’s more likely to convert prospects. 

6. Mediafly

Mediafly equipped reps with what they need to compete in the uber-competitive sales environment with their combined content management and sales enablement platform.

Selling isn’t easy. So making reps’ lives easier is important. 

And when they can easily access, create, share, and track sales assets from a single intuitive interface, they’ll close more deals — and drive more revenue.

But Mediafly goes further with its ability to create immersive content experiences that truly engage customers and boost win rates.  

7. Klue

Klue helps sales reps “get a clue.” And we mean that in the nicest way possible. 

There’s that dreaded moment during a call with a prospect when they say “company (XYZ’s) solution does that.”

That’s when Klue comes to the rescue. It provides intelligence about the competitor, organized into “cards,” so your reps can handle objections and leverage the strengths of their solution on the fly.

Between the information Klue filters from millions of sources, data from internal sources (CRM, Slack, emails), and existing content libraries, reps’ productivity and revenue numbers will soar.     

8. Seismic

Seismic is more than just an access point for highly organized, streamlined content and marketing assets. 

It helps reps sell smarter, close faster, and drive more revenue.

Its content curation tools and AI-based content recommendations enable reps to give every prospect their own unique, interactive “story” to personalize the sales experience. 

And its dynamic micro-apps and intelligent social selling tools develop reps that stand out from the competition and drive stronger buyer engagement. 

9. PandaDoc

It may not fall under the traditional definition of sales enablement technology, but PandaDoc enables a very critical part of the sales process — closing the deal. 

It's a modern all-in-one solution for creating, sending, tracking, and signing documents that replicates the contract approval process. 

With options like pre-approved templates, CRM and Zapier integrations, and an API that integrates PandaDoc into your website, reps can be closing business more productively in no time. 

10. Docsketch

If all you need is a simple, affordable, yet professional-looking electronic signature and tracking tool, check out Docsketch

The template feature allows you to create and save your contracts or proposals for your next deal. 

To get approval on quotes and proposals before asking for signatures use the “send as sales document” feature. 

Speeding up that final step of the sales process has never been easier. 

11. OpenPhone

Sure, this solution falls outside the traditional definition of sales enablement, but we think having a business phone is pretty critical for reps to do their job successfully.

OpenPhone is a work phone number sales reps add to their existing device. 

But it’s more than that. 

With global calling and messaging, call recording, snippets and auto-replies, and lightweight CRM, and more — it’s a productivity powerhouse, streamlining sales efforts and team communication. 

12. Chili Piper

Now of course you need a scheduling tool for a complete sales enablement strategy.

Because you need an easy way to schedule meetings and demos to enable an eventual sale, right? 

That’s where Chili Piper comes in. It’s a scheduling app used by top-performing revenue teams who have better things to do than figuring out availability and sending reminders. 

With one click, reps hand off that task to Instant Booker to schedule meetings over email or through your CRM. That way reps can get back to finding more opportunities.

Our Concierge tool puts the prospect in control of next steps.

It acts like a personal assistant, one who shows up the exact moment you need something. 

Prospects can request a phone call or schedule a meeting immediately — when they are most captivated by and focused on the solution you provide. 

Which of course, is the best time to engage a prospect. 

Schedule a demo or sign up for free. 

Sales Enablement Software: Preparing Sales Reps for Battle

The battle analogy might be a little dramatic, but there’s no denying that modern-day selling is extremely competitive. 

Companies must not only set themselves apart with the solutions they offer, but they need superior, professional sales reps with deep knowledge and expertise to drive revenue. 

That’s why you must set them up for success by incorporating the right sales enablement tools into your revenue strategy.

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