Chili Piper Surges Past 2 Million Meetings Scheduled Through Its Concierge Product

By Gaines Murfee

Chili Piper Surges Past 2 Million Meetings Scheduled Through Its Concierge Product
Customers report doubling their inbound conversion rates with Chili Piper’s Concierge solution for web forms. When someone fills out a form on a site, Concierge helps qualified leads book a meeting on sales reps’ calendars or start a call by instantly dialing a rep’s phone.

The buyer enablement tech pioneer, Chili Piper, announced today that more than 2 million meetings have been scheduled through its Concierge product since launching in 2017. Chili Piper’s innovative scheduling platform boosts buyer engagement by allowing qualified leads to automatically book a meeting or call after filling out a site’s contact form. The solution automates the complex scheduling process across teams and departments to provide buyers with the best possible experience.

Presently, there are more than 8,000 active users of the Concierge product booking more than 40,000 meetings each week. The majority of Chili Piper’s customers are in the B2B SaaS sector, but other industries benefiting from its solution include financial services, higher education, real estate and many others. The solution easily integrates with an existing marketing and sales stack to be up and running in just hours.

“By utilizing Concierge, our customers report cutting lead drop off by half, booking 50 percent more demos and reducing response time from 15 minutes to 5 seconds,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, CEO and Co-Founder of Chili Piper. “Additionally, customers have increased conversion of qualified inbound meetings to opportunities by 61 percent and one customer reported increasing conversions of leads to qualified meetings by 138 percent. Concierge is on the forefront of our vision of Buyer Enablement and we’re thrilled to see its fast market adoption.”

While marketers and salespeople have traditionally focused on tools and processes to help themselves, Buyer Enablement shifts the focus to better helping future and current customers. By improving the buying journey, it enables a customer to easily get the information they need quickly in order to make a purchasing decision. Each consecutive step of the buying process is streamlined, meeting customers on their terms and offering them different methods of communication based on their preferences. As a result, companies are rewarded with more customers, higher conversion rates and shorter sales cycles.

Concierge is part of Chili Piper’s scheduling platform. The following are additional benefits of the platforms:

  • Handing off meetings from SDRs/BDRs to AE to Customer Success. This allows routing of leads to the right rep in real-time based on advanced round robin rules, territory assignments, account-based ownership and more – thereby eliminating spreadsheets.
  • Booking meetings directly from marketing campaigns.
  • Booking meetings before, during and after Conferences and Events.
  • Reporting and visibility provide insights into each stage of the funnel – from how many people filled out a form and booked a meeting or started a call, no shows, cancellations and re-schedules.
  • Automated email and SMS reminders sent before meetings substantially reduce no-shows.
  • Suggest times in email and have a meeting booked in just one click.

About Chili Piper

Founded in 2016, Chili Piper is a pioneer in Buyer Enablement. The tech firm delivers innovative solutions to help businesses help their buyers. Its scheduling platform is used by Square, Intuit, Twilio and more than 300 thought-leading companies for multiple use cases, from connecting prospects to sales reps instantly upon submitting a form to automating their on-boarding process. Chili Piper is a fully distributed company leveraging global talent with employees in 28 cities in 14 countries.

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