The Best Sales Software Means No More FOMO

David Gargaro

You’ve heard of FOMO, right? It means Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO drives people to chase new experiences. Social media is built on it. 

Eat the spiciest ghost peppers. Do the ice bucket challenge. Buy Dogecoin. It’s all driven by FOMO.

But what does FOMO have to do with sales software? If you’re using the wrong one, you should have FOMO. Because you ARE missing out.

You’re missing out on reaching prospects… scheduling appointments… closing deals. You’re missing out on SALES.

The right sales software gets rid of the fear. Your sales team won’t miss those crucial opportunities.

How Do You Choose the Right Sales Software?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to software.

How do you know if one makes sense for our team? Answer these questions.

What Functions Are You Missing?

When choosing sales software, you can get stuck in analysis paralysis. So many options!

Identify where your sales team is getting stuck. Then pick a tool to solve that problem.

Is your team having difficulty booking meetings? Scheduling software will help them convert prospects into meetings.

Does your team get tied up with time-consuming sales tasks? Sales automation software will improve efficiency and increase time spent on sales-generating activities.

Focus on pressing problems. Your sales team will let you know what they are.

What Do You Have Now?

Your team has been using sales tools to do their job.

Don’t uninstall your software or start from scratch. Instead, turn a critical eye to what you’ve paid for.

What tools are essential to your sales team? What are they comfortable with? If they like their CRM, don’t buy a shiny new CRM without comparing them first.

Evaluate your sales tools’ integrations and features. Are you paying for three different tools when one package has everything you need? Then it might be time to switch.

What’s It Going to Take to Learn?

All sales software takes time to learn. Even when it’s super easy, there will be a learning curve.

Don’t buy a bunch of sales tools at the same time. You’re asking for frustration from your team. Start with one so your team can onboard it properly. Slow and steady is the way.

Can You Try It First?

Most sales software comes with a free trial or demo. This means you can test drive two different tools to find what works for you. 

Don’t like your options? Try something else.

What Type of Sales Software Do You Need?

Sales software covers a lot of ground.

There are dozens of categories and hundreds of options. Most platforms offer more than one functionality.

You probably have a CRM. But you’ll need more to support your sales team.

Start with the following four types of sales software:

Ramp Up Your Team’s Efficiency Using Sales Automation Software

Sales automation software enables your team to automate time-consuming manual tasks. This gives them more time to nurture customer relationships and focus on sales.

You can automate different tasks, such as:

  • Prospecting

  • Data entry

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Email notifications

Think of the time saved from not having to repeatedly enter customer data into schedules.  

For example, Chili Piper’s automated scheduling app enables leads to easily schedule a meeting that fits their calendar. It then automatically routes the lead to the right sales rep.

That means no more time scheduling or following up on meetings. And no time wasted chasing leads.

It also speeds up the time in connecting with the lead. First to the lead often means first to the sale. In fact, 78% of customers buy from the business that responds first.

Funnel Leads Into Your CRM Using Sales Prospecting Software

Finding new leads is your lifeblood. You need new prospects to close new deals.

Searching for prospects’ contact information across multiple platforms is incredibly inefficient. And so is manually entering their info into your CRM. 

Most sales prospecting software will automatically integrate with your CRM. It will also make it easier to nurture prospects.

It also helps your team find and qualify prospects. Just enter the criteria to filter out the leads with the highest likelihood of conversion. 

Organize Your Tools Using Sales Enablement Software

Sales enablement software allows your team to manage their support materials and content. You can create, share, and manage resources from one location. Sales and marketing can work together on creating and sharing content with prospects and customers.

Use the software to organize:

  • Standardized sales reports

  • Lead scoring systems

  • Case studies, whitepapers, pricing information, and product demos

  • Email templates

It also enables your team to customize each lead’s experience at the tap of the mouse. No need to search for the right tools. 

Quickly and Easily Fill Your Team’s Calendar Using Scheduling Software

Scheduling software makes your team more productive and helps them to close more deals in less time. 

It automates the process of booking and managing meetings. It helps to quickly schedule meetings with qualified leads. It also directs leads to the right sales reps.

As the SDR, you can track and manage sales reps’ meetings. It keeps you informed of what’s happening with your team.

The software takes the manual part of scheduling out of your team’s hands, so reps can spend more time with prospects. And it shortens the entire sales cycle.

For example, Chili Piper has incredibly efficient scheduling software. Why’s that? Because it’s a double threat:

  • Concierge enables sales teams to connect instantly with inbound leads and convert them into meetings

  • Instant Booker enables SDRs to route and schedule handoff meetings into the right sales rep’s calendar

What Sales Software Should You Purchase? 

Here are our recommendations for each type of sales software you should have in your toolbox.

Sales Automation

Chili Piper is the most advanced routing and scheduling software. It enables leads to quickly schedule a meeting when it works for them. You can automate meeting reminders, route leads to other reps, and update your CRM.


Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management software. It uses AI to automate repetitive tasks and provides performance tips for sales reps. Its report graphs illustrate positive and negative performance trends.


Hubspot is well known in the market. Features include automated email notifications, personalized follow-up emails, automated data entry for lead contact information, and meeting setup. It also provides real-time insights on who visits your website and what products they’re checking out. is a top software platform for managing remote teams. It enables sales reps to automate a number of manual tasks, such as changing customer status and sending notifications. is a multichannel sales automation platform. It offers two-way sync integrations with Salesforce, Slack, Zoho, and other major platforms. It also provides email automation and streamlined prospect list building.


Sales Prospecting

ZoomInfo (and EverString) enables you to easily find contact information for leads. It uses AI to suggest similar prospects to contact. It also identifies companies’ new projects and other potential signals that would make them ideal customers. 


Clearbit Prospector enables your sales reps to create targeted lead lists using up-to-date contact information. It provides access to more than 200 million contacts at 20 million companies, with filtering across 85 different data points. It can also connect to your CRM to merge new contacts with your existing list.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator connects you to LinkedIn’s base of more than 600 million professionals. Sales reps can search for new leads, and the search tool will suggest new leads. It also provides updates on target accounts, such as job changes or press releases.


Reply enables you to automate and scale multichannel outreach. Use the Chrome extension to add leads to a Reply account and create an email sequence to connect with prospects. 

Its AI features sorts leads by interest level and suggests the ideal email copy and length. 


Outreach suggests different automated outreach sequences for your target accounts. It enables you to personalize messages at scale so sales reps can focus on meetings or speaking with prospects rather than writing emails. It also enables you to automatically log calls and emails directly to your CRM.

Sales Enablement

Accent Accelerate provides a complete view of every sales situation. It identifies opportunities, selling activities, and customer behavior. Its data analytics, real-time tracking, and visualization tools enable sales reps to deal with complex sales situations, prioritize opportunities, and identify the best options for moving forward.

Highspot uses AI and machine learning to organize and deliver content for different scenarios. Sales reps can direct their own learning via training modules, and customize their approach to customers using email, landing pages, and online presentations. You can also integrate with Salesforce to get real-time data on how leads respond to different messages.


Seismic is an enterprise-grade sales enablement platform. Its content management system provides up-to-date versioning, predictive content recommendations for different deals, and content-specific analytics.

Showpad makes sales-related content more accessible, measurable, relevant, and powerful. It enables customers and team members to find and share the right content at the right time. It helps to improve sales performance by improving conversations with customers.


Veelo provides a central platform for enablement, optimization, onboarding, and training. It uses AI, machine learning, and behavioral science to recommend the ideal conversation agenda or learning track for specific situations. In addition to improving productivity and success rates, it allows you to more quickly onboard new salespeople.


Scheduling Software

Chili Piper automates the entire scheduling process. When a visitor to your site requests a product demo, it allows them to choose the meeting time and routes them to the right sales rep. It then automatically adds the meeting to the rep’s calendar. It can also be set up to send automatic meeting reminders.


AppointmentPlus is a cloud-based platform that enables prospects and customers to book their own appointments. It allows you to send automatic appointment reminders via email and text. It also provides in-depth reporting on appointment history and product buying trends. Its 500 preference settings make it highly customizable.


vcita enables leads to schedule meetings on your landing page or Facebook page. Leads can select a time that works for them according to your sales reps’ availability. It then automatically confirms scheduling requests. Sales reps can receive real-time notifications of meeting requests and respond right away, and even set up an immediate video call.

Need Help Choosing Sales Software? We Have the Solution.

Chili Piper has the tools you need to ensure your sales team never misses an opportunity.

Concierge instantly qualifies, routes, and books leads from your web forms. Instant Booker makes it easy to schedule meetings with prospects. 

Our customers have been able to level up their productivity and revenue. And they’ve been amazed at how easy it was to get started.

If you need help, though, we’ve got your back. 

New to Chili Piper? Get a demo now.

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