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Amy Nichol Smith

In the early stages of a company, customer success can sometimes feel a little scrappy. Account managers and CSMs might use spreadsheets to maintain client profiles and send (many) manual emails to set up meetings. As you grow, you’ll need the best meeting software for customer success teams to stay on top of everything and ensure no customers fall through the cracks.

So, how many different tools do you use to get work done? And how much time are you spending doing manual, admin tasks? You’re likely using a combination of customer relationship management (CRM) software, scheduling tool(s), email, video meeting software, VoIP software, survey and feedback tools, a knowledge base, and a ticket system.

The best meeting software for customer success teams integrates with other tools you already use, so you can more easily connect with current clients and internal teams alike. They should offer insight into the customer journey, increase engagement, reduce churn, or better said: increase customer retention

Guess who does that? Chili Piper. Use it to book demos, schedule onboarding meetings, health checks, QBRs, and meetings with multiple stakeholders. It’s also beneficial for scheduling internal meetings. 

Here are some tools CS teams should consider to help streamline their processes: 

Communication for Customer Success

A surefire way to make a customer happy is to be where they are. Part of streamlining your process is to reach out to current and new clients in ways they expect and already know. Beyond emails and phone calls, there’s live chat, video calls, and messaging apps.


We love Slack. “We” as in everyone, it seems. Slack works so well for quick and easy internal comms, but it’s also fantastic for customer success. You can create a separate channel for each client, if you want.


Of all the communication platforms out there, Zoom has become a household name over the past couple of years. It’s easy to use, and offers higher quality video and sound than some other popular options. Plus, it’s full of helpful features, like screen share and recording. 

When a customer needs more personalized attention for training or a demo on a new product feature, you want to set up that meeting ASAP. A booking link is better than a back-and-forth email, but integrating with the best meeting software works even better for customer success. 

We’re all familiar with the exchange on the left. You send an email with some available times to meet, and then wait. If there’s a time and date that works, they respond, and then you set something up. Then you have to send a follow-up reminder. Or worse … none of those times work and the back and forth begins. 

Chili Piper makes it easy to let clients choose the time that works best for them and with a single click, they schedule the meeting. If none of the time works, they simply choose another time or date on your calendar. And voila! Automated meetings via email, and automated reminders.


Chili Piper integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Slack.

See it in action.

CRM for Customer Success

Revenue may have a long-standing relationship with sales and marketing, but companies are starting to see that a two-legged stool isn’t enough to stand on its own. Customer success is that third leg, and it’s vital to revenue growth, happy customers, and retention. And a great CRM helps balance everything out, while enabling clean data and effective tracking.


Salesforce maintains almost 20% of the market share and it’s No. 1 spot among all CRMs. It’s one of the most robust options with advanced reporting, predictions, and automated workflows, obviously. 


Although Hubspot is a (somewhat) smaller force in the CRM world, it’s a popular choice, especially among small and mid-market businesses. It’s more affordable than other options but still packs powerful features in each tier. It has some of the best meeting software integrations, too.

Remember life before CRMs? 

Support & Onboarding Platforms for Customer Success

Achieving success with B2B customers heavily relies on excellent customer experiences, which is why choosing the right support platform is important. Look into a ticket system, chatbot, onboarding tools, and knowledge base to give customers the support they want.


Zendesk has nearly become synonymous with customer support because it provides every support feature you need. The omnichannel options include social media, live chat on your site, email, and voice. 


To make onboarding easier for customers and you, consider using software like Userpilot. It works with your product to guide your customers through each feature. Create goals for users, so you can gauge your onboarding process and tweak things, as needed.

All-in-One Customer Success Platforms

Project management software is great for improving productivity within and between teams, but CSM software is made just for CS teams and CS ops. It’s software made specifically for customer success with a heavy emphasis on automation, so you can focus on onboarding, engagement, and upsells from one platform.


All teams want to be proactive rather than reactive. For CS leads, it starts with the customer journey. Using a CS tool like Gainsight can help remove the question marks. Alerts and reports on customer data give you the insight you need to plan your next steps toward customer success.


Anticipating churn is the best way to prevent it, and ChurnZero homes in on that and other useful customer data. Know how your customer uses your product, so you can help the TTV for your customer base. And when you’re ready to push for upsells, send one-click meeting invites for customers with Chili Piper.

The Best Meeting Software for Customer Success Teams Integrate

Whatever software you’re using for project management, cross-collaboration, internal communications, and organization, you’re likely integrating them all. (Or at least, you need to.) 

It's crucial to offer a clear picture of the customer lifecycle when planning your next steps, and you can’t do it without integration and especially automation. The same goes for scheduling.

Imagine quick and easy customer handoffs to an available team member. How would that TTV look? The sooner you book that onboarding meeting after a contract is signed, the sooner your customer can see value from your product or service. Plus, Chili Piper offers two-way integration with both Salesforce and Hubspot

This means, less time spent on data and admin work and more time to do your job, and take care of customers. 


Why You Need the Best Meeting Software for Customer Success

From sales to onboarding to support, a customer boomerangs around departments depending on their needs in the moment. What do customers want? For one, a streamlined process that feels natural. There’s a lot more to it, though.

Speed & Convenience for Customer Satisfaction

The most important factors in customer experience include speed, convenience, helpfulness, and friendliness. So, how do you translate that for your business?

  • Use CS software to anticipate customer needs
  • Provide resources like knowledge bases to help customers find quick answers
  • Give customers one-click meeting invites with Chili Piper to reduce time and effort for booking meetings

It’s all about making it easy for customers to meet and do business with you. The friendliness and helpfulness is up to your chief customer officer and internal team. 

Personalized Experience = More $

There’s a lot to learn from the B2C shopping experience. After all, a B2B customer is a consumer, too. And what they’re getting in their retail buying experience, they want in their software and service purchasing experience, as well. 

For retailers, providing a personalized shopping experience leads to more sales, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth marketing. Consider providing an experience that’s more like a personal shopper or assistant that helps your customer, such as sending text and email reminders about an upcoming meeting.

Consistency is Important

You want to be consistent with your messaging, onboarding, and support of your product. That’s why you need to get customer feedback and closely examine meeting notes. Having a central place to pull in data from all your software is vital to making sure you get the whole picture (choose your favorite CS tool for this).

You also want to provide a consistent experience across all channels for your customer.  Design each email, Slack message, and chat window so they can click a single button to schedule a meeting. 

Soon your prospects and customers will come to expect a similar look, feel, and experience from your brand. That familiarity breeds loyalty. Something as simple as customizing a tool’s color to reflect your branding helps create consistency and can positively impact a customer’s expectations.

Chili Piper is one of the tools to tie all the software, engagements, and handoffs together. Having the best meeting software for customer success helps you provide a consistent customer experience. It gives your B2B customers the speed and convenience they need. And yes, you can customize the colors.

Want to know more about how you can use the best meeting software for customer success? Get started with a free trial of Chili Piper.

Try for free today.

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