​​The 15 Best HubSpot Integrations to Boost Your ROI

Carlos Silva

If you use HubSpot for inbound marketing, you're one step closer to reaching your sales goals. You can increase your conversions even further by using the best HubSpot integrations to work seamlessly with your website and boosting your return on investment.

The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%, while an excellent conversion rate is 11.45% or higher.

Let's look at 15 of the best HubSpot integrations to help get you higher conversion rates and greater profits.

You can increase your conversions even further by using the best HubSpot integrations to work seamlessly with your website and boost your ROI.

What is HubSpot best known for?

HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides all the necessary tools for inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a way of connecting personally with each customer by delivering value and positive experiences as they move through the marketing funnel.

Some examples include posting informative blog posts, connecting through email or chat, collecting data for a more personalized experience, and sharing content related to your customers' needs.

What can HubSpot integrate with?

HubSpot integration APIs help you juggle multiple software platforms at the same time by connecting them. For example, you can integrate your email platform with your website for seamless contact data collection and lead response.

That’s just one of many examples of how HubSpot integrations can save you time and avoid errors. 

You can check out all of HubSpot's integrations on their Marketplace. But, I must say, sorting through their options could take hours. That's why we've compiled the best HubSpot integrations for you to review.

Are HubSpot integrations free?

While there are some free HubSpot integrations, they most often come with a one-time or subscription cost. We will cover the prices of the most popular integrations.

The 15 best HubSpot integrations to boost your ROI

Let's get started with the 15 best HubSpot integration partners for boosting your business's ROI by converting your leads.

1. Chili Piper

Chili Piper is one of the best HubSpot integrations to help you book meetings, qualify, and route leads efficiently.

It works with HubSpot Forms by collecting and moving booking data where it needs to go in real-time and seamlessly syncing your meeting data with your contact's information.


  • Books meetings instantly from web forms
  • Qualifies and routes leads based on any object in Salesforce
  • Offers one-click booking links for your website
  • Automatically tracks and updates data from meetings
  • Handles complex routing rules and round robins
  • Rules-based lead routing

You can view the full list of benefits and features of the Chili Piper HubSpot integration on our website along with a free demo.


You can choose the features you need, so you only pay for what you use. For example, a starting user license costs $30/ month per user plus a platform fee of $150. 

2. Zapier

Zapier can connect over 3,000 apps to create streamlined workflows so you can automate actions to increase your customer response rate. First, you establish a trigger (an action) that starts the workflow and then choose an actionable response. 

Zapier's compatible apps include Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Quickbooks, and tons more.

You can also integrate Zapier with HubSpot to use in your automated workflows. For example, when you add new contacts to Outlook, you can set up a workflow through Zapier that automatically adds those contacts to HubSpot.


  • Automatically move data between your apps
  • Create multiple workflows simultaneously
  • Customize your workflows through specific filters
  • Generate a log of your workflow history


The base plan is free but limits you to 100 tasks each month and only allows you to create five zaps. Otherwise, you can use more features by signing up for a plan ranging from $19.99/month to over $599/month.

3. CallRail

CallRail tracks and analyzes incoming calls, texts, contact forms, and chats so you can identify which marketing campaign is most successful in encouraging conversions. With the data gathered from CallRail, you’ll know where to double down for the greatest return and which ads need to be improved.

Integrating CallRail with HubSpot allows you to sync your data across all platforms, so you have a more comprehensive lead database to use for lead conversion.


  • Call tracking matches incoming calls with their marketing source
  • Form tracking identifies what actions or sources led to a customer submitting a form
  • Transcribe your calls, then store them by using tagged keywords so you can locate them later
  • Make calls to your leads through CallRail's software


Their software begins at $45 per month for call tracking. You can add either conversation analytics or marketing analytics for $95. If you want all the tools, you can purchase the suite for $145 per month.

4. Unbounce

Unbounce gives you AI tools to create customized landing pages that increase conversions.

Their Smart Building tool makes customizing high-conversion pages simple. In addition, you can create Smart Copy content using their AI writer. Finally, with Smart Traffic, AI analyzes your visitors and routes them to the landing page most likely to result in a conversion, increasing your conversion rate by 30%.

When you integrate Unbounce with HubSpot, you can collect data from your landing pages and then use HubSpot to follow through with nurturing and converting those leads.


  • Optimize your pages with templates
  • Create mobile-friendly designs to reach leads on all devices
  • Use a builder grid to create beautiful pages – even without a designer
  • Track your conversions
  • Route visitors by their location, time zone, device, browser, and more
  • Expand, rewrite, or create blog posts and content for landing pages


A Smart Builder plan costs between $90 and $225 a month. Smart Copy, your AI copywriting assistant, is free to use for up to five generations or $49 a month for unlimited generations and profiles.

5. Databox

Do you want to have all your data at your fingerprints to help you identify the best practices for converting leads? Databox gives you access to thousands of metrics across your favorite platforms and tools.

In addition, it visualizes the data in easy-to-read formats for analyzing and sharing. You can also track and share that data through HubSpot by integrating Databox on the platform.


  • Dashboards for viewing your data
  • Regular performance reports
  • Alerts and notifications about your metrics
  • Combined reports from multiple tools at once


You can use the platform for free or upgrade to automate performance reporting and guided onboarding for $500.

6. PandaDoc

Turn leads into conversions through PandaDoc’s document workflow platform. You can easily create proposals, generate quotes, draw up contracts, use built-in eSignatures, collect information, and share responses all under one platform.

You can also speed up the creation and sharing process by integrating PandaDoc with HubSpot for greater efficiency.


  • Choose from a library of templates for proposals, quotes, forms, and contracts.
  • Integrate your documents with your favorite tools like HubSpot
  • Collaborate with your team in the creation, approval, and negotiating of a document
  • Track who opens, views, and signs your documents


Their plans start with a free option that only includes eSignatures and collecting payments. Otherwise, you can choose plans from $19 to $49. If you need a larger plan, you’ll need to call customer service for a custom quote.

7. HotJar

With HotJar, you can collect and analyze data from your leads as they navigate your site. For example, by studying visitor behavior, you can adjust your website design and marketing strategies to match your leads’ interests.

HubSpot works with HotJar by matching your customer data with the right customer in the database.


  • Visualize your visitors’ behavior through heat maps
  • Record what your users see and do on your website
  • Collect feedback from customers
  • Distribute surveys to identify your customers’ needs


HotJar’s basic plan is free but limits access to 35 daily sessions. Their paid plans range from $39 to $389, though you can contact customer service for special pricing if you need a plan with more daily sessions.

8. Facebook

Ninety-two percent of social marketers advertise through Facebook because of its large user base and interactive features like commenting and messaging. Social advertising helps you provide a personalized experience for your customers. Now, you can integrate that experience with your HubSpot account.

Ninety-two percent of social marketers advertise through Facebook because of its large user base and interactive features like commenting and messaging.

Through HubSpot, you can create content and schedule posts for your Facebook account. You can also automatically share content between both your website and Facebook business page to reach more leads. You can also track how well your content is performing so you can customize your future posts to boost your conversions.


  • Create and share content to Facebook from HubSpot
  • Schedule future posts and bulk upload content
  • Analyze your post’s performance


Creating a Facebook business page is free and you can also integrate it with HubSpot for free.

9. Salesforce

Salesforce is quite possibly the top customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Through Salesforce, you can collaborate with each of your teams through a unified system. In addition, you can also use dozens of other connected apps to help you engage with your customers, sell smarter, integrate ecommerce, provide customer service, and digitize your business.

When you use Hubspot CRM integrations with Salesforce, you can sync your data so that both platforms have the most accurate information. Salesforce can also integrate with many of your other tools, like Chili Piper.


  • Small business support
  • Lead management tools
  • Sales data collection
  • Customer service tools
  • Social media marketing software


Salesforce prices vary widely depending on which tools you use. However, most products have plans that start at $25 a month.

10. Google Search Console

More than 90% of the market uses Google’s search engine to perform searches. Knowing what people search for is key to attracting that traffic to your site. You can also use keywords to attract visitors that are most likely to convert into customers.

Google Search Console helps you find those keywords and see how your site is performing in Google searches. This data should guide your marketing strategy so you can boost your conversions. You can see even more data when you integrate it with HubSpot.


  • Analyze searches to see what keywords are attracting visitors
  • See data about your site’s impressions, clicks, and Google ranking
  • Receive alerts for potential issues on your site


Google Search Console is yet another wonderful free integration.

11. Typeform

Often turning a visitor into a conversion requires filling out a form. The form you use depends on your end goal, such as data collection, signing up for a service, requesting more information, or rating products.

Typeform provides all the necessary tools to create any form that attracts, engages, and leads to conversions.

For example, you can create documents, surveys, and even quizzes for your visitors.

By integrating Typeform with your HubSpot account, information automatically updates and syncs.


  • Built-in photo and video libraries to create visually striking forms
  • Custom layouts to reflect your business
  • Simple to use with no coding necessary


You can use the tool for free, or you can gain access to more tools through one of their three paid plans ranging from $25 to $83.

12. Proposify

When a visitor expresses interest in your services, you’ve got yourself a small win. But, you aren’t ready to celebrate another conversion just yet. You still need them to sign a contract.

That’s where Proposify comes in.

With Proposify integrated on your HubSpot dashboard, you can create attractive business proposals for potential clients, easily share documents, track the client’s response, and close the deal with legally binding signatures all from a centralized location.


  • A gallery of proposal templates
  • Organized content library
  • Analytical tools for tracking engagement with your proposal
  • Legally binding electronic signatures
  • Secure payment


You can start with a free plan that has a limit on active documents. However, if you want unlimited active documents, you should consider the $49/month team plan or the business plan starting at $590/month.

13. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool for locating leads that match your ideal customer profile and are most likely to convert.

First, it finds individuals and businesses that may be interested in your services. Then, it shares that data and contact information with you in an organized directory.

When you integrate this tool with HubSpot, your contacts and data will appear in your CRM platform so that you can nurture them through HubSpot.


  • See real-time updates on your leads
  • Organize your leads with notes and customized lists
  • Contact leads through your app
  • Track customer engagement


Plans start at $79.99 for a professional account and $108.33 for a team account. Enterprises should contact LinkedIn for a customized price that fits the plan they need.

14. Insycle

Are you feeling overwhelmed by customer data?

Insycle helps track and manage your customer data so you can spend more time using that data to convert your leads. When you add it to HubSpot, you can also manage your HubSpot contacts to avoid wasting time on fake, duplicate, or wrong customer information.


  • Identifies duplicate contacts and can merge them
  • Standardizes text fields like job titles, addresses, and industries
  • Imports new data without adding duplicates
  • Identifies missing, incorrect, or bad data
  • Updates and reformats customer information
  • Creates workflows for common tasks


You can use Insycle for free until you reach 5,000 records. From there, you pay for the modules you want to use, starting at $5 a month for 5,000 records and one module.

15. Vidyard

Eighty percent of marketers say video increases their sales. You can easily integrate video into your marketing strategy using Vidyard. It’s a video creation tool backed by powerful analytics to help you monitor customer engagement with your content.

Eighty percent of marketers say video increases their sales.

The HubSpot integration allows you to track your video data directly from your HubSpot dashboard. You can also streamline your video upload process by adding videos to your website straight from HubSpot.


  • Record and edit videos up to one hour
  • Record screens and browsers
  • Create 3-second GIFs
  • Write personalized messages with each shared video
  • Connect multiple videos in a playlist


Vidyard offers a free option with basic editing features. However, if you want more tools to customize your videos, plans range from $15 to $1250 a month.

Time to start seeing a greater ROI on your site

Do you have some ambitious sales goals for this next year?

You can surely reach those goals with the right tools in your pocket and seamless HubSpot integration.

These 15 HubSpot integrations give you an arsenal of data analytics, customer relationship management tools, and software for meaningful interactions that are sure to boost your conversion rate and pair well with your lead generation software.

If you aren't sure where to start, try Chili Piper's inbound conversion platform to connect instantly with inbound leads and convert more prospects into meetings and revenue.

Request a demo and start doubling your conversion rates!

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