Dreamforce 2019 Wrap-up: Chili Piper AE of the Year and How to Book More Meetings at Events

By Sam Gill Murphy

Dreamforce 2019 Wrap-up: Chili Piper AE of the Year and How to Book More Meetings at Events

It’s hard to believe but here we are wrapping up the 2019 year and reminiscing on all the good times we had, the exceptional work that was done, and the multiple thousands of hot sauce bottles that were distributed. Speaking of bringing the heat…

AE of the Year Results

The unsung heroes, the gong ringers, the coffee drinkers, the engine of the economy. Call them what you will, we know them as Account Executives and Chili Piper was proud to present the inaugural AE of the Year Award during a private event at Dreamforce 2019.  The winners were selected by an independent panel of judges and presented to the top 3 Account Executives nationwide who won a deal against the odds by showing an exceptional focus on helping the buyer as well as outstanding teamwork & collaboration. 

The AE of the Year award went to Danny Read from G2Crowd, his laudable efforts paid off with this well-deserved public recognition, trophy, and prize money of $10,000.

Coming in 2nd place was George Cuchural from HackerOne who collected a round trip for 2 to the City of Lights, Paris France. 

And in 3rd place taking home their very own electric scooter was Lynn Powers from Clari.

These exceptional winners did a tremendous job showcasing their abilities through their applications. Congratulations to the winners, their companies, and thank you to all the participants and attendees who helped to make this event special. 

A very special thank you, indeed, to the judges Tessa del Rio, Sahil Mansuri, John Barrows, Kevin Dorsey and Mark Roberge for making this happen🙏.

There’s just one question left on my mind: Who will take home the prize next year?

How to Book the Most Meetings at Dreamforce

  1. Make a plan 
  2. Send emails 
  3. Scramble to track, organize, coordinate rep and room availability, location changes, invitees, and internal people for each meeting on a spreadsheet. Oh, by the way, are you sure your execs and reps are making the best use of their time? 

That’s the way most event managers are handling the process today. Talk about high stress, chaos, and uncertainty!

No longer! Dreamforce saw the debut and heavy use of the Chili Piper Events solution. The product was successfully implemented by companies like Sendoso, Simplus and Conga in the weeks leading up to the event.

They booked many hundreds of meetings prior to Dreamforce and managed the onsite logistics and myriad of changes during the three-day event with grace and style. 

When Dreamforce wrapped up, each meeting and attendance of the guests was neatly tracked and synced to their Salesforce Campaigns to easily measure the ROI of #DF19.

Tired of the stress? Wondering how you can book more meetings at conferences and boost your event ROI? 

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