Chili Piper vs. Jifflenow: Which Event Meeting Management Solution Is Right For You?

Kelli Diffenderfer

If you’re looking to schedule qualified meetings before your next conference or trade show, you need an event management tool to help you achieve that goal. 

We’re here to break down two of the leading platforms on the market, Chili Events and Jifflenow Events Meetings, to help you decide which is right for your organization.  

Let’s get right down to it. 

Jifflenow and Chili Events both offer event management tools for scheduling meetings at conferences and trade shows. 

While they have many similar features and capabilities, there are key differences to evaluate. 

What is Chili Events? 

Chili Piper’s Events product is designed for event marketers who need a way to pre-book qualified meetings for upcoming conferences and trade shows. Companies who use Chili Events can book 2-3x more meetings and increase their overall ROI. 

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What is Jifflenow Events Meetings? 

Jifflenow is used by marketing and sales teams to schedule customer engagements before, during, and after webinars, live events, and virtual events.

When to use Chili Events

You’re hosting group events and meetings 

If you’re planning on hosting your own dinners, happy hours, or meetups at a conference or tradeshow, Chili Events offers group meeting capabilities. 

You need unique booking links

Chili Events provides sales reps with both team links and individual booking links for one-on-one demos. All meetings are trackable in Salesforce.

You have more complex meeting types

Use Chili Events if you need more advanced routing software to pre-book meetings. Jifflenow is not equipped to handle complicated processes or meetings with multiple attendees. In Jifflenow, users have to manually add each attendee within each event by filling out a form.

You need data and ROI tracking

With Chili Events, you can see all your event information, including individual rep activity and the ROI of your events, within a single dashboard. While Jifflenow does offer analytics, reviews say it’s not their strongest feature. 

You need a tool for real-time booking 

Simply put, Jifflenow can’t handle the combined availability of reps and meeting rooms. 

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When to use Jifflenow

You are mainly attending virtual conferences or webinars 

While Chili Events is working on an integration for virtual events, if you are in immediate need of a virtual event scheduling tool, you may be better off with Jifflenow. However, Jifflenow’s virtual and hybrid event capabilities are a recent feature and not their strong suit.

You want to follow up with leads gathered at an event

Chili Events is mainly used for pre-booking meetings at events, not for following up. Pre-booked meetings result in higher quality leads, better conversion rates, and more ROI. However, Chili Piper offers additional products that help you follow up with event leads if you choose that path. 


Chili Events’ pricing is broken down by platform and licenses. The platform costs $250/month and each license is $20/month. 

Only attendees and admins need licenses — it’s free for individuals booking the meetings. 

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Jifflenow’s pricing is not available online, but we do know a little about the structure. Jifflenow pre-charges per meeting. When a user runs out of meetings, they have to re-up and pay for additional meetings. 

Chili Events vs. Jifflenow feature breakdown

 Chili EventsJifflenow
Unlimited meetings🚫
SMS and email reminders✅ Not fully automated
Virtual event meeting managementComing soon
CRM integrations✅ Salesforce + HubSpot✅ Salesforce (doesn't automatically sync)
Placeholder calendars 
Individual booking links🚫

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Ease of use and UI comparison

Chili Events is highly intuitive and easy to use with little to no learning curve. You’ll be able to book and manage meetings immediately.

It’s a completely self-service platform and offers simple navigation and seamless integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot. 

Jifflenow also has a fairly easy-to-use product with self-service capabilities. However, there are drawbacks we’ve noted in various reviews: 

  1. New users are not automatically recognized when you add them, and you often need to re-add them several times 
  2. The time selection tool can be difficult — the click and drag function requires you to click the exact spot making for a less than ideal user experience
  3. The reporting dashboard could be designed better. Companies find themselves spending a lot of time cleaning it up to look more professional

Additionally, if you ever need to change meeting times, Jifflenow requires you to open the meeting details and essentially go through the booking process all over again.

Source: G2

What are customers saying?

Chili Piper has a 4.7 rating on G2 with a total of 185 reviews. Jifflenow has a similar rating of 4.8 but noticeably fewer reviews at 39 total. Here’s what some customers had to say:

Jifflenow review:

Source: Capterra

Other notable comments included:

  • Data reporting is very manual and time-consuming
  • Meetings do not get confirmed until all required attendees accept
  • There is no automated reminder via SMS or email — to remind attendees of the meeting you need to resend the invitation

Chili Piper review:

Source: G2

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The bottom line

Chili Events focuses primarily on booking meetings for live, in-person events whereas Jifflenow is more tailored to virtual engagements. If you’re looking for an advanced scheduling tool to book qualified meetings and drive ROI at events, Chili Events is right for you.

If you’re mostly attending virtual events or webinars, Jifflenow may be a better option for you at this time. 

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