Chili Piper vs. RingLead: Which Lead Routing Solution Will Work For Your Team?

Andrea Wunderlich

If your sales managers and Salesforce admins are underwater trying to stay on top of manual lead distribution, it may be time to call in the big guns.

But evaluating vendors is tough. 

How do you know which solution is right for you? 

This article explores two options for lead routing — Chili Piper and RingLead. If you’re actively evaluating lead routing tools, this is a great place to start. 

What is Chili Piper? 

Chili Piper is an inbound conversion platform built for high-growth sales, marketing, and success teams with complex lead routing needs. 

Chili Piper’s lead routing solution, Distro, makes it easy to route any object in your CRM based on whatever criteria you set. Need to trigger a follow-up task for a rep based on a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) threshold? 

Perhaps you have a campaign containing webinar attendees or leads that have downloaded content. You can use Distro to route those leads to the reps of your choosing without the hassle of custom code or time-consuming tool management. 

What is RingLead? 

RingLead is a lead routing and data hygiene tool recently acquired by ZoomInfo. Given the nature of ZoomInfo’s product, it’s natural that RingLead lends itself more to a CRM data hygiene/de-duping use case. 

When to use Chili Piper 

You need something with less of a learning curve 

One of the biggest obstacles to implementing a lead routing solution is a lack of resources for owning and implementing the tool. Chili Piper enables non-technical users to route leads appropriately with the same ease as admins. 

You need to notify reps of assignment changes  

Chili Piper’s integration with Slack allows you to automatically notify reps when a lead, account, opportunity, or case is assigned to them. No leads will slip through the cracks because reps will always be kept in the loop. 

You need a lead routing solution that lives outside of Salesforce 

One of the biggest challenges with lead routing solutions that operate inside of Salesforce (RingLead, LeanData, etc.) is that those tools must compete with other tasks and automation executed in Salesforce. 

This can have a significant impact on the time it takes for a lead (or other objects) to be assigned which impacts reps’ follow-up time. 

Chili Piper operates independently of Salesforce, so routing logic never competes with other Salesforce operations.

You need an end-to-end inbound conversion platform with CRM routing capabilities 

The beauty of Chili Piper is that it covers all of your inbound conversion needs in addition to routing existing leads. You can book, qualify, and route leads instantly from wherever you’re engaging with your customers (web forms, email, chat, G2, etc.) 

If your needs extend beyond lead routing and data cleaning, Chili Piper is the better option for you.

Ready to explore what Chili Piper could look like in your business?


When to use RingLead

RingLead's focus is data management . If CRM data integrity is your number one priority — fuzzy account matching, deduping, automation tiebreaks, etc. — RingLead may be worth taking a look at.

NEW: account matching is now available in Chili Piper's Distro!

Lead routing and distribution play a crucial role in ensuring that sales teams can effectively manage and convert leads into customers. Chili Piper's lead routing and distribution tool, Distro, recently introduced a groundbreaking lead-to-account matching feature. This feature revolutionizes how leads are matched with accounts, providing sales teams with a more accurate and efficient way to prioritize and engage with potential customers.

Learn more about how to enable Lead-to-Account matching in Distro.

Pricing and feature breakdown 

Chili Distro RingLead
Price $30/user/month Starts at $1,000/mo according to Capterra. Pricing is dependent on users and size of database
Route and assign inbound leads
Route any object type in Salesforce
Schedule meetings from any web form Additional $30/user + platform fee
Triggers based on field change and new record creation in Salesforce
Lead to account matching
Round robin assignment


Ready to see Chili Piper in action?


Usability Comparison 

Chili Piper interface

With Chili Piper's interface, the first step is setting up your rules. In this example, you're telling Distro to route leads for company sizes that are greater than 50.

Then, you create your team. In this example, you can make sure new leads that meet your criteria above are only routed to the following team members:

Check out this full video to see how this all comes together:

RingLead interface 

RingLead's interface can be a bit complex if you're not used to it.

In order to set up new routing rules, you first need to drag and drop: 

RingLead User Interface: Selecting Users for Round Robin

If you have a lot of reps, this can take a very long time.

Then, all of your rules will be visualized as a flowchart, like this: 

RingLead User Interface: Lead Routing Rule Flowchart


What people are saying in the wild

Source: G2 Crowd 

Source: G2 Crowd

The bottom line 

RingLead is ideal for companies with large databases and multiple data sources feeding their CRM. This causes data integrity issues that need routine scrubbing. 

If you’re looking for a single tool to route leads and book meetings for reps, Chili Piper is the better option for you. 

Ready to see it in action? 


About the author
Andrea Wunderlich

Andrea Wunderlich works in market intelligence and strategy. A former SDR, she understands first-hand the problems that Chili Piper solves — and the power of the Inbound Conversion movement. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and fur-kids.

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