Chili Piper + Salesforce

Chili Piper is integrated through the Salesforce API to simplify your  marketing, sales, and customer success processes




Your time is valuable, so we made the integration fast, simple, and easy to setup.


The only lead routing and scheduling automation tool with no installation required


Book meetings directly from within Salesforce

Schedule meetings with prospects directly from their Salesforce object using a native button.


Route meetings from marketing-to-sales or sales-to-sales using Salesforce data

Create lead and contact routing rules in Chili Piper based on territory, round robin, account ownership, and more to automate where qualified meetings go



Convert inbound traffic to qualified conversations and meetings faster

Use the power of Chili Piper to connect your sales team with prospects like never before. All inbound leads created by your marketing automation system are automatically assigned to the correct sales owner, with all marketing activities recorded straight to the Salesforce object.


All your data tracked and reported on in Salesforce

Automate tracking of events between your calendar (no shows, reschedules), marketing automation system (form submissions), and sales engagement software with ease




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