Chili Piper Salesforce Integration

Automatic, Real-Time Updates in and out of Salesforce

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Prospect, Schedule, and Handoff Meetings Between Reps Directly in Salesforce.

Automatically create events in Salesforce whenever a meeting is booked through Chili Piper. Our Instant Booker natively integrates with the Salesforce API allowing reps to book meetings in one click without ever leaving Salesforce.

Keep Salesforce data up-to-date, in real-time

Chili Piper’s intelligent bi-directional sync ensures complete fidelity between data in both systems.

Book meetings from anywhere

Access your personal scheduling app in Salesforce to book meetings on your own calendar or a teammate’s.

Record every interaction in Salesforce

Chili Piper automatically logs events into Salesforce. All notes, reschedules, and meeting details are time stamped and recorded to help you better manage your pipeline.

Key Features

Connect Salesforce to get meeting data sent straight to your CRM.

Book Meetings, Track Events

Every meeting booked using Chili Piper is automatically logged and tracked as an event in Salesforce.

Measure Show Rates

Get visibility into no-shows and cancellations. Connect Chili Piper and Salesforce for full visibility into show rates.

Map to Custom and Standard Fields

Chili Piper natively maps out of the box to all custom and standard fields for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Case Objects.

Ownership Based Routing

Chili Piper can easily be configured to define ownership based rules to route leads and meetings to the right rep every time.

Fairly Distribute Net New Leads

Need to route leads based on round robins, territories, industries, etc? We’ve got you covered for any type of routing situation.

Native Salesforce Integration

Chili Piper connects to Salesforce as an oAuth connected app, which means no installation is required.

Seamless Team Handoff of Meetings

Work on Leads or Contacts? We’ve got you covered. Book meetings wherever you work without ever leaving Salesforce.

Comprehensive Sync Logs

Chili Piper provides a real-time log of all sync data with the ability to retry failed syncs and troubleshoot mapping errors, should they arise.

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