Too many reps,
not enough RevOps?

Set up all your lead routing rules in hours, not days. Even better, your dedicated onboarding team will be with you every step of the way. No training required.
Join 45 000+ high-growth companies using Chili Piper to convert more leads

Complex routing, simple implementation

Distro auto-assigns records in Salesforce to the right people on your team, without messy lead assignment rules and manual upkeep. Route standard objects based on any field you have in Salesforce.
And set everything up in a matter of hours.
Salesforce - chilipiper integration
12 hrs
Saved per week manually assigning leads
72 hrs
Saved in Lead Time
20 hrs
per week Saved in Admin Time

Route the right lead to the right rep

Speed up your
Qualification and Distribution.
Trigger and prioritize routing with flexibility. Connect every lead within rep territories and deliver faster responses to your buyers

The implementation process was extremely easy. It took us a grand total of one hour to set everything up.

Victor Naess
Revenue Operations at Albacross

See how Distro will change your distribution.

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Never think about your reps’ vacation again

We’re the only lead router that automatically removes reps from the queue when they’re out-of-office. Less manual work for you and more leads for reps in office — everyone wins.

Lead routing shouldn't be a full-time job

And it doesn't have to be.

Route leads based off company size, territory, industry, and more

Route Standard Objects based off any Standard or Custom Field in Salesforce. AND/OR logic gets you as granular or simple as you need.

Multiple trigger types for accurate routing

Trigger distribution of records and leads based on what’s most important to your company: Field Change or New Record Creation (Manual or list upload)

No more complaints about misrouted leads

Match leads to the right account with lead-to-account matching. And make sure all leads are routed to the right owner.

Track and report on all your distro-routed records

Directly in Salesforce on some custom fields. Reporting available in both Salesforce and Distro with distribution reporting and logs.

Service Level Agreements

Make sure support reps are reaching out in time. Set up SLAs to send a reminder to reps via Slack or email — or reassign to another rep if the SLA is not fulfilled.

Focus on your customers, leave the lead routing to Distro.

less time handling routing and rules for leads and contacts
reduction in time spent researching/triaging leads and contacts
increased conversion rates with faster inbound/outbound lead routing
Distribute leads the way you want with extremely granular weighting rules

Send Slack and Email notificiations

Send users notifications in Slack and via email when meetings are booked, rescheduled, or reassigned so leads don't slip through the cracks.

Set Up Complex Routing Rules

Make scalable changes in bulk that meet the specific needs of your company. Distro supports Load Balancing via Round Robin distribution, vacation management and custom weighting to ensure fairness.

Improve your lead distribution at scale.

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Distro Use Cases

Dozens of use cases. Easy to use. What’s not to love?
Sales Leaders
Marketing Leaders
Rev&Sales Ops

Assigning named and target accounts

by setting up rulesets that get your top priority accounts to the right reps in realtime.
Sales Leaders

Distributing MQLs & PQLs

Nurture leads who engage with your marketing content or software, continuously measuring their intent and taking action when they’re ready to buy
Marketing Leaders

Lead scoring & redistribution

If an existing prospect in your CRM takes an action that shows they have high intent, Distro updates the record + routes based on the rules you set.
Rev&Sales Ops
Sales Leaders

Distribute leads from form submits, events, webinars, and more

Automate distribution of lead lists to improve speed-to-lead and conversion rates. Nurture leads... (etc)
Sales Leaders
Marketing Leaders

Seamlessly handoff from your sales to implementation team

Automate the assignment of new accounts so they begin onboarding right away, providing a seamless transition from prospect to customer.
Sales Leaders
Marketing Leaders
Rev&Sales Ops

Improve your lead distribution at scale

See how Distro from Chili Piper will change your distribution.
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Loved by marketing, sales, and operations leaders

See how every part of your revenue organization can benefit from using Distro

❌ Before Chili Piper

✅ After Chili Piper

Manually update lead routing rules whenever reps are sick or on vacation
Sync with your reps’ calendars to automatically take them out of the queue
Spend hours manually updating lead routing rules
Make updates in seconds
Fielding complaints from reps about misrouted leads
Route the right leads to the right rep, every time
Leads falling through the cracks
Built-in SLAs to make sure each lead is followed up with
No visibility into which leads were routed to whom
Full audit log of lead routing records

Improve your lead distribution at scale.

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Automated CRM routing & assignment
Route & assign leads within your CRM
Instantly route + assign leads
Real-time lead qualification
Lead to account matching
Salesforce integration
Trigger route on field update or new record creation
user per month
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Does Distro support Round Robin and custom weighting?

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Is Distro easy to manage?

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