How LawGeex Used Chili Piper to Boost SQLs by 33% & Cut Lead Dropoff in Half

LawGeex enables companies to automate the review of everyday contracts & ensure they comply with company policy, enabling legal to pursue more impactful work.

The LawGeex marketing team had several key goals when implementing Chili Piper into their funnel:

1) Qualify leads and distribute them fairly to the sales team

2) Effortlessly manage the availability of SDRs

3) Let SDRs focus on making calls and pushing SQLs, not managing calendars


33% increase

... in leads who converted to opportunities.

57% decrease

... in leads who dropped off in the funnel.


SDRs calendar is served only to qualified prospects after they fill out a form on the LawGeex site.

Only available SDRs calendars are shown.

Reminders and notifications are sent by Chili Piper to ensure prospect attends meeting.

Zvi Storch

With Chili Piper, we reduced our SDR meeting no show rate by over 50%, and increased our SQL rate by 33%.

Zvi Storch

Acquisition Marketing Manager @ LawGeex

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