How Workato Converts 75% of Their Qualified Inbound Leads

Workato is a self-service application integration solution for unifying applications on-prem and in the cloud.

Inwoo Song, Director of Growth at Workato, knew they had an opportunity to increase the conversion rates on their website. Because inbound is one of the company’s biggest revenue drivers it was important for him and his team to find a solution that helped them both qualify leads and get them connected to the right rep immediately.

Workato uses Chili Piper to determine if a lead is within their ideal client profile, routes to the correct rep, and schedules a demo all in real-time.

They have gone from converting 40-55% of their qualified inbound leads to converting 75-80% after implementing Chili Piper.

Inwoo and his team needed a tool that could handle complex routing rules, like routing based on a lead’s zip code, and found that Chili Piper was the only scheduling app that could accommodate their needs.

With the help of Workato’s own product working together with Chili Piper, they are now converting 50% more of their qualified inbound leads, and have seen a 10-15% increase in revenue.

The big takeaway from Workato is that they found success by focusing on optimizing leads they were previously letting slip through the cracks. It is paying off for them to engage the high quality leads already interested and asking for a demo before spending more money to try and get more leads elsewhere.


75% conversion rate

with high quality ICP leads, up from ~50%

Real-time intelligent routing

by qualifying and routing leads based on factors like zip code, company size, etc.

10-15% increase in revenue

by optimizing their inbound channel and converting 50% more of their high quality leads


Workato uses Chili Piper to help qualify leads and then allows them to self-schedule immediately after filling out a form on their website, reducing their speed to lead time down to zero.

Meetings are automatically scheduled on the correct rep's calendar based on pre-determined rules they define like company size, zip code, etc.

With Chili Piper's reporting and no-show management, as well as integrating with Workato's product, their entire team can automate reminders and notifications so no lead or prospect falls through the cracks.

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