GamEffective Books 135 Meetings Between 2 Reps at Dreamforce 2018

GamEffective is a performance gamification company, driving employee KPIs and learning through digital motivation.

Eddie Barron, Head of Global Account Development, increased his sales team’s number of qualified meetings booked from 20 in 2016, to 89 in 2017 and 135 in 2018 using Chili Piper at their booth.


135 qualified meetings booked

... between 2 sales reps without a single badge scanner.

575% increase in conversions

... compared to 2016 (when they weren't using Chili Piper), with the same foot traffic to their booth.

Eliminated post-event follow up

... all meeting invites were accepted by prospects in real time.


Connect and configure GamEffective reps' Chili Piper booking links on iPads within 30 minutes.

Reps qualify booth visitors in real time. Qualified visitors are prompted to schedule a follow up meeting using Chili Piper.

Visitors receive meeting invites at the booth and accept within 30 seconds.

Convert Your Booth Traffic to Qualified Meetings

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