Perkbox Recovers 22% of Lost Pipeline from the Same Inbound Traffic with a Single
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Perkbox helps businesses attract, engage and retain their best talent with all the things that make winning company cultures – perks, employee benefits, reward and recognition, communication and transparency – in one easy-to-use employee engagement platform.

The Perkbox marketing team knew they were likely missing out on pipeline and revenue by not getting in touch with their leads fast enough, so they implemented Chili Piper’s Concierge to qualify, route, and schedule meetings in real time from the Perkbox website.



...leads processed each month.

22% of pipeline recovered

...from inbound leads, without any additional traffic to their site.

5 seconds

...response time (down from 15 minutes).


Qualify incoming leads.

Route qualified leads to the right reps based on weights.

Qualified leads book meetings without any back-and-forth with sales.

Harvey Carpenter

We are scaling the sales team thanks to the dramatic increase in meetings booked via Chili Piper on our inbound traffic.

Harvey Carpenter

Acquisition Marketing Manager @ Perkbox

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