How Emotive Used Chili Piper to Achieve an 80% Inbound Conversion Rate

Emotive is the world’s first and only conversational sales platform, enabling two-way communication at massive scale, all through text messaging.

Ben Perez, who handles marketing at Emotive, is no stranger to the various scheduling tools available. During his first week at Emotive, he saw some major problems with their current solution that needed to be fixed.

Before Chili Piper, the team saw massive amounts of leads drop-off after requesting a demo and they had no way of disqualifying bad leads from scheduling with Calendly. The AEs calendars’ were being bogged down with bad meetings while the qualified leads needed to be chased (and booked manually).

Ben and his team chose Chili Piper as the solution to their conversion and automation problem. They now allow their prospects to schedule a demo directly from their home page, automatically qualifying and routing leads to the correct AE or SDR.

The Emotive team is booking even more meetings by integrating Chili Piper within their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns as well as the chatbot on their website.

Since implementing Chili Piper, Emotive has seen an 80% conversion rate from inbound leads to demos. As Ben puts it, “no human can book 80% of leads into demos” resulting in a lower cost to acquire new customers and the sales team spending less time chasing leads and more time selling.


80% conversion rate

from inbound lead to meeting booked

Increased speed to lead

by eliminating steps and automating qualification


By allowing leads to self-schedule immediately after filling out the demo request form, they are ensuring a time on the correct AEs calendar when the prospect is the most interested.

Meetings are automatically scheduled on both the prospect and rep calendars with automated reminders sent out ahead of meetings.

Emotive also guarantees fair distribution of meetings among their sales reps by using Chili Piper to schedule meetings from their website, social campaigns, and outbound.

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