Use These Lead Management Software Platforms for Smoother Email Interactions

By Daniel Threlfall

Use These Lead Management Software Platforms for Smoother Email Interactions

Lead management software has proven to have a massive impact both on follow-ups and sales.

In fact, “Companies who automate lead management see a 10% or more bump in revenue in 6-9 months time.”

One particular area of the lead management process that’s especially important is email because it’s the preferred communication channel for 72% of customers.  

So it’s definitely something your sales team needs to get right.

Here are some of my favorite lead management software platforms for smoother email interactions, along with specific features you need to know about. 

Lead Management Software – Chili Piper

Chili Piper is primarily known for its meetings and events features.

But a new feature that will soon be launched is called Inbox, which greatly improves email interactions with both customers and internally with other members of your sales team. 

With it, you can seamlessly take an email discussion you’re having with a prospect and share it contextually with team members. 

Say a prospect has a question that you’re not quite sure how to answer. 

Just highlight and @mention someone who does for a quick response, allowing you to capitalize on red hot leads. 

Chili Piper also makes it a cinch to review an account’s email history in one convenient location. 

This means you can find whatever info you need with a quick search without having to sift through your CRM. 

With Chili Piper Inbox, you can also:

  • Assign tasks with a single click
  • Start a conversation by highlighting text
  • Easily share email threads
  • Collaborate internally without ever leaving Gmail
  • Handoff leads with zero friction

So at the end of the day, you can create a much better customer experience and close more deals


A big part of effectively following up on leads is simply ensuring reps are equipped with the right information. 

Otherwise, the handoff process will be clunky and reps will have an uphill battle from the start. 

HubSpot is a fantastic lead management software for improving the flow of information, ensuring reps are always prepared for their pitches. 

It “automatically publishes email, recorded calls, and sales notes to a contact’s timeline so you can quickly find the information you need to personalize your follow-up.” 

This way reps can painlessly find exactly what they need to personalize their email conversation with leads and create a winning pitch that compels them to buy. 

You can also use it to see how many emails were sent, along with other key metrics like the number of calls that were placed, meetings held, and tasks completed to create a deal forecast.

In turn, this provides a ton of valuable insights that can be the catalyst for sparking sustained progress among your sales team. 


Freshsales is a lead management software with a ton of = features, including full-scale CRM email integration. 

There’s email tracking, which allows you to see when leads open your emails, what links they click on, and how they engage. 

This gives you a bird’s eye view over what’s happening, so that you’re continually informed from the point of initial outreach to the moment a deal is ultimately closed. 

There’s personalized templates, which allow you to quickly create highly personalized emails without having to build them from scratch every time. 

That’s important because personalized emails have 6x higher transactional rates than those that aren’t. 

Freshsales also offers a sales-first inbox, which helps reps keep track of every email thread in their sales CRM. 

That means this lead management software automatically lists each open thread so they can prioritize responses and promptly reach out to sizzling hot leads.

This keeps your sales team in the know and prevents your top leads from being squandered.


Here’s a lead management software that’s specifically designed for G Suite.

Copper’s UVP is that you never have to leave your inbox. 

“Add leads, update deals, look up past interactions, create Google Calendar events, and follow up on tasks — right from your Gmail inbox.”

Similar to Chili Piper, reps can check out an activity log for each customer so they know exactly what’s transpired and gain pertinent information to guide their email interactions. 

Copper stores all of your customer data in one convenient location, so reps know about every single touchpoint.

It automatically adds contact details and other small tasks, which saves reps a ton of time and reduces their cognitive load.

There’s even a cool feature where Copper suggests new leads based on previous interactions and sends notifications directly to a rep’s inbox. 

So, not only does this create smoother email interactions, it can assist with lead generation as well. 


This lead management software understands the importance of quality communication with customers and helps reps manage every conversation through a single inbox. 

This allows them to quickly respond to emails, as well as texts, to stay organized and create highly personalized interactions. 

It also ensures reps prioritize the hottest leads and respond quickly so leads don’t slip through fingers. 

Thryv offers visibility on your team’s interactions as a whole, creating detailed insights on how everyone is contributing so you can step in when needed and enrich the customer experience. 

I also love that Thryv has a built-in personal assistant with automated reminders so reps never forget to follow-up.

That way critical interactions don’t get lost in the shuffle of daily chaos. 

Lead Management Software – Salesforce Essentials

I’m sure you’re already familiar with Salesforce, and you may even use it as your CRM.

They have a wide array of features to handle virtually every aspect of sales and marketing.

And email is no exception. 

Salesforce Essentials allows you to see all of your customer’s data from one place, including email, phone, chat, social media and more, “to get a single, 360-degree view of every customer and your whole business.”

This lead management software also has an email tracker so reps spend less time figuring out who’s opened and engaged with emails and more time selling.

Salesforce Essentials collects this information from a rep’s inbox, along with calls and meetings data, and syncs it into a centralized dashboard for easy access.

This helps create more personalized interactions, where reps can quickly reference important details leading up to that point.

Here’s a lead management software with an interesting approach that says you don’t actually need a CRM.

Instead, the purpose of is to help you keep track of email conversations with leads so your reps can close more deals without wasting time filling out forms.

Here are three of the key features.

First, it captures leads from several places, including email, LinkedIn, and even business cards, and syncs it into a rep’s account.

Second, it helps reps qualify prospects, so they can efficiently prioritize them and decide who demands their attention most. 

Then, reps can promptly reach out prospects through email with just a single click.

Third, it offers in-depth reporting, which lets you track the performance of individual reps, as well as your team collectively, so you can see how many emails were sent and how many deals were closed. 

In turn, you can identify weak links and make perpetual improvements to your pipeline. 

And over time, this can have a dramatic impact on your conversions and overall bottom line. 

Really Simple Systems

As the name implies, this is a super simple lead management software that’s built to make the lives of B2B companies easier. 

There’s a lot of great features, including email integration, which logs all interactions between your sales reps and customers. 

Really Simple Systems, “automatically captures your incoming and outgoing emails and stores them in your account activities. This gives your team complete transparency of all correspondence, so you can see what’s been followed up and what was said.”

The platform displays emails in chronological order, so you can track team members by their activity and their latest correspondence. 

Everything is synced in real-time, giving you up-to-date information.

Really Simple Systems also stores any attachments that are sent through email so your team can quickly reference them without having to manually go back and look.

And whenever a customer reaches out to you for support, you can use this tool to efficiently route them to the right rep to answer their questions, with each case being assigned a unique Case ID.

If your main goal is to organize customer interactions and keep tabs on every phase of the conversation, this is definitely a platform to consider. 

Zoho CRM

This is a well known CRM with a robust set of capabilities.

And if you’re seeking full on email integration, look no further. 

Zoho CRM is designed to help your sales team prioritize the hottest leads and have better conversations that result in more closed deals. 

This is done by bridging the gap between sales and marketing so they pool resources to provide sales reps with practical information about leads. 

For instance, reps can track engagement levels to see which leads have opened the most emails and clicked on the most links. 

Reps can also see what specific products a lead has viewed, their unique preferences, campaign interactions, and more. 

In turn, they can fully personalize their pitches to speak to each lead’s pain points and provide them with the most relevant products that address their needs. 

Here are some stats that show the impact Zoho CRM has had on companies that use it. 

Additionally, there are some other notable features you should know about. 

  • Sync campaigns
  • Sync contacts
  • Real-time notifications


Pipedrive is a lead management software that’s made specifically for startups.

It offers many features and is perfect for keeping tabs on your team’s email interactions, while keeping the conversation flowing with leads. 

For starters, reps can track communications for maximum visibility and maintain control of their schedule.

At a glance, they can see a complete contact history so they’ll always know exactly what’s happened and how to optimize their approach. 

Next, there’s contact management, which helps reps easily manage their entire database of contacts from one convenient location.

There’s also email inbox, which allows reps to: 

  • Sync emails from their inbox directly to Pipedrive
  • Track opens and clicks for a bird’s eye view of engagement
  • Personalize templates so every email is unique

Besides that, there’s a scheduler that allows reps to set up meetings through email and book a time that works for both them and the lead. 

You can even use it to track the sales activities of each team member to see when they made calls and when they close deals, which helps create a winning formula that’s repeatable. 


The final lead management software on this list is Insightly — a CRM platform that includes several email features. 

Here are just a few things you can do with it. 

Keep track of important lead information, including an in-depth activity timeline of emails for better lead routing.

Create fully optimized emails from within Insightly using personalized templates that can be monitored for opens and clicks. 

Use a relationship building feature, where “customers, emails, and other records can be ‘linked’ to existing contacts in your database, allowing you to quickly determine who knows who, and build a clear view of an organization’s structure and informal networks.”

Insightly also integrates with the existing tools you use, so reps can painlessly sync their contacts and calendar hassle-free.

Lead Management Software FAQs

What is lead management software?

It’s software that helps you qualify, analyze and nurture leads to increase your odds of converting them into customers

For more details on lead management, check out this video from Raj Sabhlok, president of Zoho CRM. 

Why is email such an important part of the lead management process?

Email is the favorite communication channel for 77% of leads

Communicating efficiently through this medium helps maximize follow-ups, nurture leads, and get more leads to buy. 

What are some of the top features to look for in a lead management software for streamlining email interactions?

  • A clear timeline of lead email interactions
  • Internal collaboration
  • Email tracking
  • Email syncing
  • Account insights

It’s also vital that the platform creates a smooth handoff between marketing and sales, providing reps with plenty of relevant information to shape their conversations with leads. 


I can’t stress enough the importance of getting the email side of things right in the lead management process.

Doing so ensures your reps are able to reach out to leads promptly, have the information they need for better interactions, and are ultimately positioned to close more deals. 

There are countless lead management software platforms out there, but the ones I’ve listed here are the best for perfecting email conversations. 

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